Editorial: $1,160,000.00 to Tulsa World?

Tulsa City Councilors Blake Ewing and G.T. Bynum (and others) have voted  to give the Tulsa World a $1,160,000.00 tax break.

The Tulsa World, owned by Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, have the councilors in their back pocket. The billion-dollar corporation wants a tax break for the Palace Building at 324 S. Main St. and a parking lot. Both are next to the World office building downtown.

The city councilors can’t wait to approve this brother-in-law deal for the liberal newspaper and its billionaire mogul.

They argue that the Palace Building, which is damaged and has been empty since 2012, would be torn down if Buffett didn’t get a tax break.

Of course, the liberals in charge of Tulsa Public Schools and Tulsa Technology Center are all for this tax scheme. Not only do they share the worldview of the liberal media, greasing the skids for a tax break won’t harm their chances of getting good news coverage.

For the councilors, this fits their liberal idealogy (even though they are registered Republicans) plus it adds to the constant drive to spend tax dollars (via cuts) to build up downtown. They don’t really care about the traffic on South Sheridan Road as much as they do filling the downtown bars with customers.

The property tax rate for these properties will probably be about $17,700 a year for six years. Lots of luck for a private citizen to get that kind of tax rate for a small business or for a residence.

This is government picking winners and losers. The winner is the liberal newspaper and the losers are the taxpayers in South, North, West and East Tulsa.