Letter to the editor: Supporting abortion is not safe

President Obama has been under fire from many politicians and citizens of the United States concerning the migration of thousands of Syrian refugees he is going to allow into our nation.  Many feel that terrorists could be among those migrating, thus jeopardizing American lives.

I want each Syrian refugee to be screened upon entrance.  It would not be prudent to allow migration without screening, particularly because so many feel that ISIS will sneak in terrorists among the Syrian refugees.

The first priority for the president of the United States is to protect American lives and allowing those to enter our nation without adequate screening could have disastrous consequences.

If President Obama were to allow refugees to enter without proper screenings, that would not surprise me, seeing how he doesn’t respect the right to life of the unborn.  Anyone who believes abortion is a “right”  has terribly flawed reasoning and morals and is someone I could never trust.

Fr. Frank Pavone (national director of Priests for Life) says something along the lines of this:  If he/she can’t protect the life of the unborn, what makes you think he/she will protect you?

And how true this is.

Whenever an abortion supporter is in charge, we are not safe.