130 state casinos and counting…

More and more Oklahomans are gambling as the number of tribal casinos in the state has skyrocketed to 130.

Thirty-one tribes operate casinos with 72,850 games and 5,300 bingo seats. They operate 24/7 and in 2015, they reported revenues of $4,750,000,000.00.

That’s almost five billion dollars wasted in gambling.

Proponents argue that gambling promotes tourism but figures show that about two-thirds of suckers who go to casinos are from Oklahoma. And as neighboring states increase their gambling sites, the idea of benefits from tourism drops.

The statistics for 2015 from the Oklahoma Tribal Government Gaming           2016 Annual Impact from October of 2016 are frightening.

Gambling just keeps growing.

By the way, the casinos call it “gaming” because that sounds less evil than “gambling.”

This trend will continue as Oklahoma slides deeper into an immoral abyss.

Politicians, including city officials in Tulsa, see the expansion of casinos as “economic development.” They don’t point out that the bulk of jobs that created are for food service, maid service and table dealers. There are not many high-paying positions.

And the human tragedy of the expansion of gambling is not being told by Tulsa’s liberal media. Why should they? They are being paid millions of dollars each year by the casinos.

And don’t count on politicians to talk about the dark underbelly of gambling. Criticism of the tribes is taboo. And how many times are state lawmakers shown a good time at “conferences” at casinos?

A turnaround can only come from Oklahoma’s Christian community and that begins with pastors.

When was the last time your pastor condemned gambling from the pulpit?