November 2015

BEDLAM!: Much is at stake in OU vs. OSU game


Only 17 points stopped Oklahoma and Oklahoma State from being undefeated and ranked in the Top 2 on the eve of Saturday’s Bedlam match in Stillwater. An early season 7-point upset by Texas put the only blemish on the No. 5 Sooners;’ 10-1 record. Since then, OU has won six in a row, including a […]

Make some hot chocolate and watch Christmas favorites


When cold weather drives us indoors, what is better than to make hot chocolate and watch a wonderful movie about Christmas? Here are some films for your consideration. It’s a Wonderful Life Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed star in this classic about a really decent man who has a turn of bad fortune and is […]

Americans are not informed about the Islamic threat


Virtually everywhere Islam goes, eventually there is violence, oppression and/or death.  We have witnessed just a few instances of this in recent weeks with the bombing of the Russian airliner, the attacks in Paris and the attacks in Mali – all apparently the work of ISIS or al Qaeda.  Last week, there was a news […]

ISIS Plots as the President Taunts


You may recall November 13 when President Obama reported that ISIS was contained and then, within hours ISIS blew up seven Paris sites that killed and injured over 200 individuals. The president has again opened up his divisive rhetoric with those who oppose bringing thousands of Syrian refugees to America, many who could be ISIS […]

We have a lot reasons to be thankful


As each year comes near to the end, it has been the practice in the United States, from before we were a nation, to stop and reflect on the multitude of blessings that have been poured out on our lives, individually and as a nation. While there have been great “nation states” and “city states” […]

Obama showed his disdain by stopping the Keystone Pipeline


Finally, on November 6, PRESBO announced that he would not approve the partial-built Keystone XL Pipeline project proposed to bring Canadian produced crude oil across the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas to Cushing, Oklahoma, and then one across Texas to Houston and Port Arthur.  From there it would provide input to Gulf Coast refineries, which are […]

11th commandment: ignore the first ten?


When I was growing up, my parents were very proud of me, but their expectations weren’t all that high. It’s a sad day when your parents throw you a “You Finally Graduated” party and are thrilled because you graduated in the top half of the bottom third of your class. There was a time when […]

Editorial: Give thanks to Almighty God


In order to give thanks, you have to have someone to thank. That is why it is puzzling for atheists to celebrate Thanksgiving. Who are they thankful to? Certainly not the Pilgrims and the other Christians who established the United States as a Christian nation. Are the secularists thankful to anyone? If there is no […]

Editorial: Chamber controls city spending


Powerful business people channel their instructions on how to run the city through chamber of commerce ties, with the chamber calling the shots with most elected officials. That’s how it works in Tulsa. Instead of city councilors responding to their constituents, they bow to the power brokers and hope that their pals at the liberal […]