2016 Election Dates

February 1 – Iowa caucus

February 9 – Annual Oklahoma school elections

February 9 – New Hampshire presidential primary

February 20 – Nevada Democrat caucus, South Carolina Republican presidential primary

February 23 – Nevada Republican caucus

February 27 – South Carolina Democrat primary

March 1 – Super Tuesday presidential primary, municipal primaries

Alabama, Alaska caucus (Republican), Arkansas, Colorado caucus, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota caucus, North Dakota caucus (Republican), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming caucus (Republican)

March 1 – Tulsa County Sheriff special primary

March 5 – Presidential primary Louisiana, Kansas caucus, Kentucky caucus (Republican), Maine caucus (Republican), Nebraska caucus (Democrat)

March 6 – Puerto Rico presidential primary, Maine Democrat caucus

March 8 – Michigan, Mississippi presidential primaries, Idaho (Republican), Hawaii caucus (Republican)

March 12 – Guam Republican convention, District of Columbia Republican caucus

March 15 – Presidential primaries in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio

March 19 – Virgin Islands Republican caucus

March 22 – Presidential primaries in Arizona and Utah, Idaho caucus (Democrat) and Republican convention in American Samoa

March 26 – Democrat caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington

April 5 – Annual school runoff

April 5 – Municipal general election

April 5 – Tulsa County sheriff general election

April 5 – Wisconsin presidential primary

April 9 – Wyoming Democrat caucus

April 13-15 – State and county filing

April 19 – New York presidential primary

April 26 – Presidential primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island

May 3 – Indiana presidential primary

May 7 – Guam Democrat presidential primary

May 10 – Republican presidential primary in Nebraska and presidential primary in West Virginia

May 17 – Presidential primaries in Kentucky (Democrat) and Oregon

May 24 – Republican presidential primary in Washington

June 4 – Virgin Islands Democrat caucus

June 5 – Puerto Rico Democrat caucus

June 7 – Presidential primaries in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota (Democrat)

June 14 – District of Columbia Democrat presidential primary

June 28 – State, county and city primary election

August 23 – State and county runoff

November 8 – Federal, state and county general election

Not on the ballot in 2016

Governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state treasurer, state school superintendent, state auditor, labor commissioner, insurance commissioner (up in 2018)

On the ballot in 2016

  • Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy
  • Odd numbered districts in the Oklahoma Senate
  • All 101 districts in the Oklahoma House

(In Tulsa, Sen. Brian Crain and Sen. Mike Mazzei plus Rep. Pam Peterson and Rep. Jeannie McDaniel are term limited. All but McDaniel are Republicans).

Retention votes

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court – Justices from District 2 (Steven Taylor), 5 (James Winchester) and 8 (Douglas Combs) are up for retention votes
  • Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals – Justice Clancy Smith from District 1 is up for retention
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals – Justices from District 3, Office 1; District 3, Office 2; District 4, Office 1; District 4, Office 2