July 2017

Criminal justice reform legislation


Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall announced the format for studying the remaining criminal justice reform bills from this session during the interim. McCall approved several interim study requests on criminal justice reform issues and assigned those requests to the House Appropriations and Budget Subcommittee on Public Safety, chaired by State Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw. State […]

Playwright Andrew Carroll in Grove


GROVE – Author, editor and playwright Andrew Carroll’s play If All the Sky Were Paper will be staged at the Grove Playmakers Theater Sept. 15-30. The play, which began touring the United States in August 2013, is based on Carroll’s search for the most extraordinary war letters ever written and is part of Carroll’s “The […]

Info on grapes, pumpkins, pecans, etc.


STILLWATER – Are you interested in pumpkins, grapes, cowpeas, pecans, lavender and other horticulture crops? If so, make plans to attend the Cimarron Valley Research Station Horticulture Field Day slated August 1 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Lynn Brandenberger, food crops professor in Oklahoma State University’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, said this […]

Deadline for Aug. 8 HD 76 election


Voters in Tulsa County who want to have absentee ballots mailed to them for the August 8 State House District 76 Special Primary Election or the City of Glenpool Special Utility Franchise Election, should apply now, County Election Board Secretary Gwen Freeman said. Although the County Election Board can accept applications for absentee ballots until […]

Editorial: Trump stands up to liberal media


President Donald Trump doesn’t act according to the wishes of the liberal news media. For decades, national media outlets including NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and local media including the Tulsa World, most TV stations and some radio stations, have tried to impose a politically correct standard on Republican presidents. The same strict code […]

Editorial: Public schools need Bible studies


Kentucky has passed a law that allows Bible studies in public schools. According to the First Amendment, such a law should not be necessary but liberals, progressives, atheists, secularists and others have persuaded activists judges to intimidate public school administrators into banning study of the Bible, the most important book in human history. Kentucky Gov. […]

Editorial: Wind farms hamper the military


Here’s another problem with wind farms. They are too tall. They are so tall, in fact, that they interfere with military aviation training with bases in Oklahoma. State Sen. Joe Newhouse, R-Tulsa, and Rep. Charles Ortega, R-Altus, sponsored Senate Bill 477 in the legislative session but it was put on hold. That bill would have […]

Letter to the editor: Baby fighting for his life in England


In London there is a little 11-month-old baby named Charlie Gard fighting to live . . . but the Great Ormond Street Hospital, where Charlie is being treated, wants to pull the plug on Charlie’s life-support system and let little Charlie die. Sadly, the British government’s single-payer healthcare system bureaucracy supports the hospital’s decision to […]

Letter to the editor: States’ rights


As I understand it, big corporations need chief executive officers (presidents). They do not choose up sides and divide into parties and campaign for the office. They do not have everyone (from the elevator operator on up) vote for the new CEO. Corporations choose a hiring committee which can take the time for a careful […]

Letter to the editor: Bribery case


I have not only followed bribery cases at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for more than 20 years, I have also assisted law enforcement investigations.  On November 3, 2015, I tried to intervene in the $16 billion AT&T bribery refund case, but AT&T claimed my attorney, Jerry Fent, did not follow proper procedure.  Later I watched […]