September 2017

Tulsa continues cleanup operations


In the five years since completion of the North Tulsa Brownfields Areawide Redevelopment Plan, nearly $120 million has been committed to cleanup and redevelopment at five of the top nine sites shortlisted in the plan. These include Evans Fintube at 150 N. Lansing Ave.; the former Morton Hospital at 603 E. Pine St.; the Storey […]

Interim study on school discipline


State Rep. George Young will host an interim study covering “Classroom Discipline and Management and How the Achievement Gap in Particular Zip Codes are Affected” on September 27 at 8:30 a.m. in Room 412C of the Oklahoma State Capitol. Educators and policy experts will present possible solutions for achievement gaps in classrooms across Oklahoma City […]

Doak asks for reports on Obamacare


Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak has ordered Oklahoma’s registered navigators to provide summary reports on enrollment data. The request comes after Doak’s testimony to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) revealed growing concerns about navigators. After Doak questioned the effectiveness of navigator enrollment and marketing tactics, U. S. Sen. Lamar […]

Watch out for flooded automobiles


STILLWATER  – Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left a wide path of destruction across Texas and Florida. Now that the forceful winds are dying down, cities and towns in both states are dealing with massive flooding. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people may try to take advantage of others in the wake of these horrific storms. While many […]

Saving money with electronic books


An initiative to help Tulsa Community College students with the cost of textbooks has expanded this semester to reach an estimated 2,500 students. TCC partnered with OpenStax, a Rice University-based nonprofit publisher, in the summer of 2016 to boost the use of free online and low cost textbooks across TCC courses. In one year, the […]

Library hosts talk on concussions


Tulsa City-County Library and OU Physicians-Tulsa are partnering to raise awareness about important health topics through a speaker’s series called the Tulsa Health Literacy Project. To kick off this series, teens and adults are invited to the free program “The Real Truths and Myths about Concussions: What to do if your child or loved one […]

Workers’ comp rates are decreasing


The annual filing most insurance carriers will use to develop rates for workers’ compensation insurance in Oklahoma shows a decrease for the fifth year in a row. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) plans to file an overall loss cost decrease of 16.3 percent. NCCI credits Oklahoma’s reduction to several factors, with the most […]

Editorial: Increasing the national debt


The Democrats, the Republican leadership and President Trump all agree that the United States must increase its debt ceiling to fund the government. This is making the swamp bigger. During his campaign, Trump never promised to be a fiscal conservative or committed to a smaller federal government. His talent for making deals has supplanted the […]

Editorial: Downtown parking subsidies?


While Tulsa teachers are underpaid and city streets crumble, Mayor G.T. Bynum wants to spend millions to subsidize parking garages in Downtown Tulsa. Bynum recommended to the Tulsa Development Authority to give $1,670,000.00 to First Place LLC project for a new 500-space parking garage at the corner of Main and Fourth streets. This sweet deal, […]

Editorial: Fallin’s useless special session


Gov. Mary Fallin really wants a tax increase. Fallin twice ran for governor and ran as a fiscal conservative. In other words, she used to believe in the Republican Party Platform, which is for a smaller, more efficient government, and tax cuts. Fallin doesn’t believe in that anymore and since she is a lame duck, […]