September 2017

Military History Center hosts a salute


The Military History Center Salute to Veterans will be at 2 p.m. November 12 in the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center. The Fort Sill 77th Army Band, The Pride of Fort Sill, will be featured as they entertain with military and patriotic music. The band was founded March 1, 1907 and after being inactivated and […]

Workers’ comp seminar


The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) will host the 2017 State Advisory Forum on Oct. 10 in Oklahoma City to help workers’ compensation professionals.The Oklahoma Insurance Department will host a second forum in Tulsa the following day. “Oklahoma has seen some tremendous growth and success in the workers’ compensation industry,” Insurance Commissioner John D. […]

Jonah: The Musical DVD


On October 17, the filmed version of Jonah: The Musical!, by Sight & Sound Theatres, will be released on DVD and digital platforms for home entertainment. “When it opened in 600-plus movie theaters last May, Jonah: The Musical! blew open a new chapter for us,” Sight & Sound CEO Matt Neff said.  “Now it can […]

Open records, meetings


Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter will collaborate with the Oklahoma Press Association to host open records and open meetings seminars in several locations across the state. The seminars are free, open to the public and require no pre-registration. Hunter said the meetings will be a great way for the public or officials who are serving […]

Everyone will pay for the aftermath of these hurricanes


Everyone in America is going to suffer financially because of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida. Some think that almost half a million cars were flooded in Texas and most are beyond repair. Many will be salvaged for parts but some will make their way across the country and into the hands […]

This is a growing threat to our way of life in America


Americans are, by nature, a peace-loving people.  It is in our DNA to be compassionate and helpful to not only our own citizens, but people of other countries.  We are equally willing to send our own young people to die in wars to protect people in other countries and to send assistance and money to […]

Punishing Hard Work


Heather MacDonald wrote a very good article for the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Higher Ed’s Latest Taboo is Bourgeois Norms.” The latest taboo it seems are those norms that built our country like hard work, self-discipline, marriage and respect for authority. Last month, two law professors published an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer calling for […]

Special session was a clear result of a lack of legislative leadership


Because of the failure of the leadership of the Oklahoma  Legislature, with the cooperation of the office of governor, we are now facing having to fund a special session, called by the governor and convened on September 25. This is necessary because the Legislature did not follow the State Constitution, which the members should know […]

My family in Red River, New Mexico


Family. It is one of the most powerful words in the world. Depending on your past, it will stir your heart warmly or will cause you pain. The older I get, the more important family becomes. So today, I want to share with you what it means to me to be in a family. You […]

America needs a ‘Lewis Awakening’


What must be done when a nation, like the United States, turns its back against God and falls into apostasy? Is there hope for a great re-awakening? The answer seems to be yes if you study the Lewis Awakening (1949-1953) on the Island of Lewis. This was chronicled by the Rev. Duncan Campbell in The […]