October 2017

Jim Barritt at Easton Height Baptist


Easton Heights Baptist Church, 2901 W. Easton St., will host Gospel singer Jim Barritt in concert at 5:30 p.m. October 29. A Sapulpa resident, Barritt has performed in multiple states over the past 40 years.  Pastor Perry Cox said the public is invited.

Trump rules for religion freedom


Earlier this month, the Trump administration significantly expanded legal protections for organizations that object to providing abortion-inducing drugs and devices in their health plans. An Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) regulation forces many employers to cover such drugs, and the previous administration exempted only a very narrow category of conscientious objectors. The new Trump Administration rules […]

EMSA’s CEO Williamson resigns


Tulsa’s ambulance service, EMSA, has accepted the resignation of its embattled president and CEO Stephen Williamson. Williamson has been the only director of EMSA since it was formed 40 years ago. Williamson has been named in a federal lawsuit that claims a $20 million kickback scheme involving a Texas contractor and EMSA. Oklahoma Attorney General […]

Kevin Stitt raises $1.6 million for gubernatorial campaign


Tulsa businessman Kevin Stitt says his campaign for governor has collected than $1.6 million in his first three months as a candidate. Stitt says this is a record for a first-time candidate and is the all-time Oklahoma record for one fundraising quarter. “I’m humbled so many Oklahomans are joining our campaign to turn our state […]

Wild housecats can cause problems


STILLWATER  – The Internet supplies endless amounts of cute kitty videos. A kitten batting around a ball of yarn, a cat chasing a feather duster and fat, grumpy cats lying on their backs have generated many smiles from people throughout the world. Those same animals, however, are decimating native wildlife populations. Free-ranging domestic cats, from […]

Cookbook author Perelman coming


New York Times best-selling author Deb Perelman will be in Tulsa December 7 to talk about her new book, Smitten Kitchen Every Day – Triumphant & Unfussy New Favorites. Perelman, who wrote The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, will be at Booksmart with Magic City Books at Congregation B’Nai Emunah, 1719 S. Owasso Ave., at 7 p.m. […]

Shortgrass novel by John J. Dwyer


Oklahoma author and historian John J. Dwyer has released a new novel, Shortgrass – A Novel of World War. The book is the story of a Mennonite farm boy during Oklahoma’s Dust Bowl. The family farm is being devastated by drought but he is particularly adept at playing college football. Like Charles Lindbergh, the boy […]

Rigney’s book on creation and the eye


Dr. Jan Jay Rigney, an optometrist in Owasso, has written a new book, Seeing God in the Eye. In the book, Rigney, a Christian, challenges the assertion by Charles Darwin that no organ in the human body could possibly have been  formed by “numerous, successive, slight modifications…” Rigney said his new book – and another […]

April Graney’s new children’s book


Native Tulsan April Graney has written a new Christian children’s book, The Marvelous Mud House. The book tells the story of young Ben and his American family and their travels to Kenya. They go from a comfortable ranch house in America to a mud hut in Kenya. The lesson is how to find true joy […]

Editorial: Trump promotes religious liberty


God bless the Trump Administration. True to his campaign rhetoric, President Donald Trump is working diligently to reverse the oppression of the Obama presidency and restore religious liberty. His administration recently took positive steps to stop the federal government from forcing Christian businesses to provide their employee’s mandatory health insurance to fund abortion disguised as […]