February 2018

Editorial: Hundreds of millions in new debt


Anyone who thinks that public schools are underfunded should take a look at the upcoming bond vote for Union Public Schools. The proposal is for $128,600,000.00. That’s one eighth of a billion (with a B) dollars. The bond issue will pass, just like recent school bond issues in Tulsa and Broken Arrow have gone for […]

Editorial: President Trump is no globalist


The “fake news” media are upset because President Donald Trump is not a globalist. They are constantly irritated when he mentions his campaign theme, “make America great again.” And the liberals at MSNBC and CNN get furious when Trump talks about America reclaiming its greatness when he is abroad. And the socialists and communists at […]

Editorial: Government handouts skyrocket


Should the government feed everyone in America? The answer from progressives, particularly in public education, increasingly seems to be yes – every American should guaranteed three square meals a day. The free school lunch program is a noble idea. For decades, it has helped poor children who for a variety of reasons don’t get proper […]

It would be hard to find a better dog than our little Maggie


Our family drove to Broken Arrow about 15 years ago in search of a Boston terrier puppy. We stopped at a modest house where it was obvious that the owner’s primary concern was getting cash for one of his puppies. He kept the momma dog in a small fenced area in his backyard, which is […]

Are Americans losing their interest in self-governance?


I have been thinking about what freedom means a lot lately.  It is more than obvious to me that Americans have lost its meaning, primarily because the Progressives have intentionally wanted us to lose sight of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  These documents are, after all, rather pesky things that get in the […]

And He Should Fight Back


It is not uncommon for people to suggest that President Trump tone it down.  Even many conservatives would like for him to give up on twitter.  The president can reach millions of Americans with his own message.  Without twitter, the message would be filtered through a very hostile press.  Why is this somehow not useful […]

President Trump has done a lot in his first year in the White House


As this is written, the first State of the Union speech by PRESDT is about 36 hours from taking place and already petulant members of Congress most, if not all, with a “D” behind their name, have publicly stated that they will “boycott” the joint meeting on January 30, 2018. What a bunch of sore […]

Life is simplified at the Sea of Galilee


I have written these articles from the four corners of the globe. No, it isn’t some part of a grand scheme to become a roving reporter, writing from third-world countries, jungles or even a small villa somewhere off the beaten path. Truth be told, I had to write my article from these places because I […]

The truth about so-called climate change


Now that the excitement over the news that 2017 was one of the hottest years on record have died down, it is time for a sober second thought.  Did the January 18 announcements by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that 2017 was the third-hottest year, and NASA’s claim that it was the second […]

Phil Niekro swaps tales in Claremore


Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro was in Claremore recently for the 14th Annual Field of Dreams Baseball Banquet. Niekro was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997, following a 25-year career in the major leagues. He was best known for his wicked knuckleball pitch. “My dad threw a knuckleball at me in […]