45 Tulsa Public Schools get an F; statewide scores fall

The latest A-F report cards for public education are out and the results are not good for Tulsa or the state.

The 2016 results were worse than in 2015. Statewide, the breakdown was 196 A’s, 455 B’s, 582 C’s, 319 D’s and 213 F’s. By contrast, in 2015, schools earned 212 A’s, 497 B’s, 536 C’s, 333 D’s and 183 F’s.

This is probably the last year this standard will be used to judge the effectiveness of public education. Under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and a new state law, House Bill 3218, the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) is developing a new school accountability calculation to take effect in the 2017-2018 school year.

Tulsa Public Schools had 45 schools with failing grades – 31 elementaries, nine middle schools and five highs schools. Another nine elementaries and one each middle school and high schools got D’s. Tulsa did have seven fewer F schools this year as they rose to a D grade.

This year, three Tulsa elementary schools got an A-plus while only one high school got an A-plus. One middle school got an A.

State officials and public school administrators don’t like the ratings and are lobbying heavily for its replacement with an easier standard.

Like the previous superintendent, Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah A. Gist, chose to criticize the grading system rather than the overwhelming failure of Tulsa Public Schools. She called the grading system a “bureaucratic exercise that does not accurately measure school and student performance.”

Gist cited examples of district schools demonstrating significant improvement that received a low rating:

  • Hamilton Elementary School saw proficiency rates in math and reading increase by an average of 12 percentage points on the state assessment, but received a grade level of F from the state accountability system.
  • East Central High School increased their graduation rate by ten percentage points in just one year, but only improved from a D- to a D on the state report card.
  • Anderson Elementary School saw 70 percent of 3rd graders experience one or more year of growth in reading on the rigorous Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment but was assigned a letter grade of F by the state.


Tulsa County Public School Grades


  • Bixby North Elementary
  • Jenks Southeast Elementary
  • Northeast Elementary (Owasso)
  • Angus Valley Elementary (SS)
  • Deborah Brown Community School
  • Henry Zarrow International School
  • Eisenhower International Elementary
  • Washington High School


  • Bixby North Intermediate
  • Larkin Bailey Elementary (Owasso)
  • Pamela Hodson Elementary (Owasso)
  • Central 9th Grade Center (SS)
  • Carver Middle School


  • Bixby Middle School
  • Highland Park Elementary (BA)
  • Stone Canyon Elementary (Owasso)
  • Barnes Elementary (Owasso)


  • Bixby Central Elementary
  • Bixby Central Intermediate
  • Bixby High School
  • Lynnwood Elementary (BA)
  • Spring Creek Elementary (BA)
  • Broken Arrow Freshman Academy
  • Jenks West Elementary
  • Owasso 6th Grade Center
  • Owasso 7th Grade Center
  • Ator Elementary (Owasso)
  • Glenpool Elementary
  • Carnegie Elementary


  • Bixby Northeast Elementary
  • Country Lane Elementary (BA)
  • Country Lane Intermediate Elementary (BA)
  • Jenks West Intermediate Elementary
  • Glenpool High School
  • Limestone Elementary (SS)
  • Pratt Elementary (SS)
  • Collinsville Middle School
  • Collinsville High School
  • Sankofa Middle School
  • Eliot Elementary
  • Lee Elementary
  • Edison High School


  • Jenks High School
  • Owasso High School
  • Owasso Eighth Grade Center
  • Haward Smith Elementary (Owasso)
  • Mills Elementary (Owasso)
  • Marrs Elementary (Skiatook)
  • Skiatook Intermediate Elementary
  • Skiatook Elementary
  • Collinsville Elementary
  • Herald Elementary (Collinsville)
  • Collinsville Upper Elementary
  • J.W. Sam Elementary (Catoosa)
  • Helen Paul Learning Center (Catoosa)
  • Patrick Henry Elementary
  • Thoreau Middle School


  • Arrowhead Elementary (BA)
  • Leisure Park Elementary (BA)
  • Wolf Creek Elementary (BA)
  • Aspen Creek (BA)
  • Jenks East Elementary
  • Jenks East Intermediate Elementary
  • Jenks Middle School
  • Skiatook High School
  • Cherokee Elementary (Catoosa)
  • Lanier Elementary
  • Lewis and Clark Elementary
  • Grissom Elementary


  • Rhoades Elementary (BA)
  • Creekwood Elementary (BA)
  • Centennial Middle School (BA)
  • Childrers Middle School (BA)
  • Oliver Middle School (BA)
  • Oneta Ridge Middle School (BA)
  • Clyde Boyd Middle School (SS)
  • Keystone School
  • Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences
  • Collegiate Hall Charter School
  • Dove Science Academy
  • Hoover Elementary
  • Salk Elementary
  • Edison Middle School
  • Will Rogers High School


  • Glenpool Middle Schools
  • Liberty High School
  • Northwoods Fine Arts Academy (SS)
  • Garfield Elementary (SS)
  • Charles Page High School
  • Newman Middle School (Skiatook)
  • Catoosa High School
  • KIPP Tulsa Academy
  • Lighthouse Academies of Tulsa
  • Tulsa Honor Academy
  • Disney Elementary


  • Vanderver Elementary (BA)
  • Liberty Elementary (BA)
  • Liberty Elementary
  • Kerr Elementary
  • Mitchell Elementary
  • Memorial High School


  • Sequoyah Middle School (BA)
  • Wells Middle School (Catoosa)
  • Dual Language Academy
  • Hawthorne Elementary
  • Mayo Demonstration Academy
  • McKinley Elementary
  • Will Rogers College Junior High School
  • East Central High School
  • Webster High School


  • Sperry High School
  • Kendall-Whittier Elementary
  • Lindbergh Elementary
  • Peary Elementary


  • Langston Hughes Academy
  • Academy Central Elementary
  • Anderson Elementary
  • Bell Elementary
  • Burroughs Elementary
  • Celia Clinton Elementary
  • Chouteau Elementary
  • Cooper Elementary
  • Emerson Elementary
  • Eugene Field Elementary
  • Gilcrease Elementary
  • Hamilton Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Jones Elementary
  • Key Elementary
  • MacArthur Elementary
  • Marshall Elementary
  • McClure Elementary
  • Owen Elementary
  • Park Elementary
  • Penn Elementary
  • Remington Elementary
  • Robertson Elementary
  • Sequoyah Elementary
  • Skelly Elementary
  • Springdale Elementary
  • Project Accept Traice Elementary
  • Mark Twain Elementary
  • Whitman Elementary
  • Wright Elementary
  • Clinton Middle School
  • Monroe Demonstration Academy
  • Traice Middle School
  • Central Junior High School
  • East Central Junior High School
  • Hale Junior High School
  • McLain Junior High School
  • Memorial Junior High School
  • Tulsa MET Junior High School
  • Central High School
  • Hale High School
  • McClain High School
  • Tulsa MET High School
  • Traice High School