Editorial: $75 million tax hike for museum

The hogs are running up to the trough when it comes to Tulsa’s new sales tax increase proposal.

Shamelessly, Gilcrease Museum wants $75,000,000.00 to put with a possible donation of $50,000,000.00 from The University of Tulsa.

This is the latest strategy of the chamber moguls who want to spend, spend, spend public money without raising their own property taxes.

So, the museum wants $125,000,000.00 to add 119,000 square feet to a museum that the vast majority of Tulsans will visit only once in their lifetimes. And they want to pay for it by increasing the sales tax on the groceries (and other necessities) of Tulsa’s poor.

Of course, the city councilors couldn’t wait to endorse the scheme. They have so much enjoyment spending someone else’s money.

After all, this is a “great investment” because it will include a “new entryway” and a new “gift shop.” Tulsans can’t endure an outdated entryway or a gift shop that is not completely modern.

Officials argue that a $75,000,000.00 tax increase is vital or King Tut and his exhibit will never come to Gilcrease Museum.

This spring, Mayor Dewey Bartlett and the  nine councilors along with their chamber overlords will try to get Tulsans to vote for a sales tax increase. The elected officials and their partners in the liberal media won’t mention that the sole purpose for museums is to attract tourists and that the chamber gets the bulk of Tulsa’s hefty hotel tax.

Gilcrease Museum is an asset to Tulsa. Its expansion and upgrade should not be the responsibility of Tulsa taxpayers. Wealthy chamber types need to pony up the dough for this one and stop raising sales tax.