Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: Travis Jones

As I write this, 2015 is quickly closing down and history will be complete for another year. The drop in petroleum prices will cause disruption in stock prices but more importantly in the lives of individuals that work for oil and gas companies.  The benefits for the rest of the nation may be a bit of extra cash in their pockets coming into 2016.  We do know that God is in control and we can trust Him.

Leadership Development is a wise investment for companies no matter the state of the economy. Creating a learning culture is the growing of the skills of individuals within an organization.  We find that on-going learning is a competitive advantage for those who invest in their people.  People are worth the investment and we help our clients make good choices in their employees’ life cycle of employment – selecting, onboarding, developing, releasing and preparing for successful retirement.

We are thankful for our clients and candidates that we have worked with in 2015. I am thankful for a great team of folks that work to make this happen in an excellent way.  God has been good to us in 2015.