Letter to the editor: A Democrat in the Senate is a tragedy

The very worst tragedy is that by the time anyone has a chance to thoroughly investigate something like this (accusations against Roy Moore of Alabama), we will have had another Democrat senator in Congress.  They don’t call this tactic a “political ambush” for nothing.  You are dead before you have a chance to defend yourself.

And, our own senators, Inhofe and Lankford are helping to kill him by saying,  “If these allegations are true, he should step aside.”

So, just when will we even know all the facts of this incident (which happened over 38 years ago)?  Probably a year or so from now, and in the meantime, a Democratic senator from Alabama would have been voting against everything the Republican Party proposes.  I have liked Inhofe for a very long time and I have kind of liked Lankford for a while (he did vote in favor of Obama’s critical “Pacific Trade Agreement) but I am starting to think that it is Inhofe and Lankford that need to be impeached.  Hopefully, some patriotic Oklahoman (who has a lot more money than I have), will pick up on this and spearhead that idea.)   Why should Inhofe and Lankford be impeached?  Surely, there is some unproven type of innuendo that could be found.

How hard would it have been for Inhofe and Lankford to say, “Well, I really know nothing about the allegations? It might be a good idea to let the voters of Alabama decide.”

In the off-chance that a Democrat does not get elected, and they get someone like that creepy Luther Strange (the Republican who is in the Senate now, waiting for this special election), there’s no telling what that weird guy would be accused of doing — twenty, or thirty or forty years ago!  Don’t you think that all of us have something in our background that we would like to forget?  Maybe we got drunk and touched a girl in college — forty years ago.  Take a look at your own backgrounds (and don’t leave out what you have been trying to suppress all these years).  Don’t you think that that incident could be twisted into something that, by innuendo, might be immoral?