Editorial: A different direction for America

God bless America!

As most Americans celebrate the birth of our nation, there is great cause for concern.

The traditional morality unique to America is slipping away as we kill unborn babies and endorse homosexual marriage. We have a president who praises someone for the “courage” to have a “sex-change” while that same president has no strategy to defeat our enemies who are quickly conquering the Middle East. Divorce is rampant. Obscene language and sexual behavior take precedence in movies and television. The liberal media has given up the pretense of objectivity.

The national debt is soaring. Millions are on welfare. Racial relations are deteriorating. We have riots in the streets as police are ignored or attacked.

There is hope.

The pastors of America are calling for a revival based on the prayers of the American people. That starts with confession of sin and a commitment to repentance for our individual and collective sin.

It’s not too late.

God has promised to listen to those prayers and restore our land. It must happen for the sake of our children and their children.

America is worth saving. Pray for a new start.