Letter to the editor: A Muslim for president?

These are exciting times in which to live and serve the Lord. Many people have been imploring God to bring a revival, another Great Awakening, like He did in times past, to heal our land.

Recently the question of placing a Muslim in the White House arose. Donald Trump said he would include a Muslim in his administration. Dr. Ben Carson said such a person would not be acceptable in the White House. Carson didn’t give much rationale … but he spoke the truth. The one serving in the White House now is a self-avowed Muslim, anyway.  Sen. Lindsey Graham has said that Carson should apologize for his statement. CAIR (Muslim) officials decry Carson’s pronouncement as being anti-American. They think his opinion is in opposition to the Constitution, which does not have a religion test to hold that office. America is supposed to champion the right to religious freedom for all citizens but that right is under attack in many ways today. These rights and freedoms came to us from God, the Creator of the universe, not from man or government. Today, we the people, need to fight to keep those rights.

Speaking the truth has most always been unpopular. The Old Testament prophets were vilified for their “thus says the Lord” pronouncements. They were mocked, scorned, persecuted and suffered violence, indifference and death. Today, intimidation, slander, demeaning and vilification act to shut up those who speak the truth.

The Muslim theology (especially CAIR) employs unique strategies (Dawa, taqiyah and muruna) to oppose the truth about that organization. The strategy is to deflect their actions, deceive nonMuslim believers (infidels) and demand concessions and compliance.

A campaign question about Muslims in the government is pertinent because our nation is on a course to be destroyed from within. This idealogy, masked as a religion, has made no secrets of its intentions about America, Israel and Western Civilization. It is using influx (refugees) to overpopulate our nation and make us into a Third World country with Shariah law. They want to make Islam a one-world religion and destroy Israel. Our nation is being assaulted by Satanic efforts as evidenced by this resettlement effort. Fifty states and 190 communities are victims of these massive numbers of “refugee immigrants.”

Interestingly, with church attendance reduced in America, many empty church buildings are being bought by Muslim devotees and turned into mosques. They don’t want to assimilate and become Americans but rather take advantage of our blessings. Valerie Jarrett, the administration’s senior advisor, is a Muslim-American who wants America to be “more Islamic.” In 1989, the Muslim Brotherhood leader came to America and said a Muslim takeover would take 30 years.

Other candidates for POTUS are hedging their answers and trying to appeal to voters while not offending others. They want to avoid “trap questions.” Carson should be commended for his courage. The majority of the Founding Fathers and signers of the Declaration of Independence were Christians and believe this nation was founded by God alone, just as He intended to do through Israel (who became assimilated with their Gentile neighbors).

America is doing the same thing. The nation’s survival depends on God’s word in the spiritual battle. Christians need to go into our “war room” and pray for God’s choice for president.