Letter to the editor: A national revival

In the June 4th Tulsa Beacon, a story on the Taking Back America Conference was printed.  I believe in the goal of restoring King Jesus Christ, too.  But, if I could ask some questions of the presenters, I would start with this.

Whose definition of civil justice do you accept?

According to the title of the conference, the answer is Jesus Christ’s definition.  But, then would not the Bible be our standard (law) – defining and establishing civil justice?  Then, why do you reject theonomy (a biblical exegesis for civil law and punishment)?  Where does your civil/political philosophy come from?

I know the 13 colonies, and then the states, had Christian constitutions for the most part.  At the state level, we were a Christian nation – as Pat Buchanan says in his column (With Christianity gone, What will hold us together?) – but we tolerate a federal constitution with a “no religious oath” test forcing a secular interpretation of such things as First and 14th amendments down our throats.

Any good Christian seeks revival in our nation.

Most of us realize culture, and civil law that goes with it, are only changed when the people change.

So, to accomplish this, how about letting the Holy Spirit have freedom to speak about true justice: those things that King Jesus would enforce if (and when as most believe) He were ruling here on the earth?

How about starting with this: The Constitution ought to be amended to replace the “No religious oath” test with a single confession (oath) about King Jesus’ authority and/or the Divine Scripture’s authority?  This amendment will not change culture, or curtail evil rulers over us.

But, it sure will bring the Holy Spirit’s message to us all: conviction of sin, God’s righteousness, and God’s judgment to come.

Isn’t that how revival begins?