A One Person Race

Kimberly Strassel wrote an excellent article for the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Hillary’s One Candidate Race.”

During the Democrat Convention in Philadelphia, speaker after speaker told viewers that Hillary Clinton is really “a good gal” –  notwithstanding the 40 years of Clinton chicanery and the Obama decade of broken promises.

To Ms. Strassel, Hillary Clinton is the main event.  This is essentially a one-person race.  Mrs. Clinton’s poll numbers have been devastating.  “A CNN survey this week showed 68 percent of voters say she isn’t honest and trustworthy.”

Mrs. Clinton’s problem is Mrs. Clinton.  She is running against her own ethical morass.  She is asking voters to forget about cattle futures, Whitewater, Travelgate and fake sniper fire.  America’s most brilliant woman couldn’t even pass the D.C. Bar Exam.

You might recall how her parents named her after Sir Edmund Hillary.  This too was a lie since she was three years old when Sir Edmund conquered Mount Everest.

Then she chose to vividly revive the public nausea with her self-serving email stunt and her Clinton Foundation “money grubbing.”

Here the Clintons try to explain it all away as an attack by political enemies or a right-wing conspiracy.

Yet, the State Department Inspector General “slammed her handling of official email” and the FBI Director James Comey attested that she had lied about her handling of classified information.

In Philadelphia, President Obama’s glowing appraisal of his time in office bears no resemblance to the country most Americans see and Hillary must defend.

After all if Hillary were to lose to Donald Trump she will need the president’s pardon or face a likely indictment.

Most Americans, if they were employed, have not seen a raise in years.  They struggle to pay bills and worry about weekly terror attacks across the globe.

Why is it that those in charge can have massive fences protecting them and their families, but the average American cannot have a wall to keep out illegals?

The president’s policies, writes Ms. Strassel, which Mrs. Clinton now owns, have alienated significant numbers of voters that she needs this fall, in particular, blue-collar Democrats.  Coal communities have rejected Hillary outright.  Many union workers have, too, for the disastrous trade policies of the last twenty years.

Do you really think billionaire globalists like Warren Buffett or Michael Bloomberg or Mark Cuban have your interest at heart?

Ms. Strassel concludes with a dislike of Mr. Trump that does not imply a like of Mrs. Clinton and certainly not a vote for Mrs. Clinton.