Editorial: Abolish abortion in Oklahoma

Russell Hunter of Norman, Oklahoma, wants to end the abortion of unborn babies in this state.

A member of an abortion abolitionist movement, Hunter wants to launch an initiative petition to amend the Oklahoma Constitution to make abortion illegal in this state.

Hunter and his Christian organization is tired of half-hearted efforts by pro-life groups that labor to just slow down abortion and not stop it.

The abortion abolitionists mirror the slavery abolitionists before the Civil War. They were almost all Bible-believing Christians who thought that human beings should not be treated as property but that all should share in the constitutional rights afforded by this country and derived from the Bible.

The slavery abolitionists met heavy opposition and that fight escalated into the Civil War – the deadliest war for Americans in our history.

Now the battle is to save unborn babies – demeaned as chunks of “tissue” by abortionists (including Planned Parenthood) – needs to go back to the U.S. Supreme.

Godless liberals are already lining up to attack this initiative petition. They don’t want a vote by the people of Oklahoma to affirm the right for the unborn to live. They don’t want the liberal U.S. Supreme Court to have to explain one more time how unborn humans are of less value than the rest of us.

If approved, the petition needs the signatures of 123,725 registered Oklahoma voters to be placed on the November ballot.

If the people of Oklahoma hold true to their values, this petition should easily get 10 times that number in less than 60 days.

Please sign this petition to bring State Question 782 to a vote.