Editorial: Abortion: a form of birth control?

A surrogate mother in California who is pregnant with triplets is suing the genetic father because he wants to abort one of the unborn babies.

This story is horrible on several levels.

First, why would a woman take money to bear someone else’s baby? Medical science has stretched  beyond common sense and decency when this activity becomes a profitable industry.

Melissa Cook signed a contract to have a baby. When it was discovered there were triplets, the “father” wanted one killed in her womb. If that happens, imagine the horror of the other two triplets when they find out there was a third and it just as easily could have been one of them who was killed in their mother’s womb. Even if all three survive America’s abortion industry, it would be scary to know how close you came to death before birth.

The father can’t force Cook to have an abortion but because of the legal contract, he can apply financial pressure and he has already caused an emotional firestorm.

Many surrogacy contracts contain a clause that allows the parents to abort the unborn baby.

Her lawyer insists that the contract is unconstitutional and therefore void. She now wants custody of one or all of the children. Under California law, the father will probably win the custody case.

Here’s how callous America is about unborn babies. This father wanted one child but would take two. With three, one must be destroyed because that would be “inconvenient.” This is an ultimate display of selfishness played out with a death wish for a baby.