Abortion abolitionists want to end the holocaust now

In 19th Century America, a group of Christians decided that human slavery violated Biblical principles (all men are created equal). They sought to abolish slavery immediately and that didn’t set well with many Americans who didn’t think of black people as fully human. The slave owners had come to depend upon not only the economic benefits of enslaving black people but also the power it gave them over their fellow man.

The nation was polarized. It got so bad that the Southern States banded together and decided to leave the union. That started the Civil War. Hundreds of thousands of Americans were killed but justice prevailed and slavery was brought to an end in America. Other nations saw the wisdom of this decision and eventually followed suit.

In 21st Century America, a group of Christians want to abolish human abortion because it violates Biblical principles (you shall not murder). They want to abolish human abortion immediately and that doesn’t set well with many Americans who don’t think unborn children are fully human. The abortionists depend upon the money they earn by murdering millions of innocent unborn children and they crave the power that comes from making their lives more important than the life of the innocent.

Many modern Americans fall between the abolitionist group and the pro-abortion crowd. They call themselves pro-life but – and this is hard to understand – that is a misstatement. If you pass laws that condone abortion – even in an attempt to just slow it down – you are still sanctioning murder of the unborn.

Imagine if those abolitionists who sought to end slavery immediately had taken the same strategy as modern “pro-life” advocates.

In the 1860s, instead of getting an Emancipation Proclamation from President Abraham Lincoln, they might have passed a federal law that made it a crime to be cruel to slaves. They could have enacted a law that you could only hold a slave for 25 or maybe 50 years – then he or she had to be set free.

Maybe instead of freeing the slaves, the government could give a bounty to any slaveholder who voluntarily released a slave.

Does this sound far fetched?

In the Dred Scott v. Sandford case before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1857, the court decided that a black man, whose ancestors had been brought to this nation as a slave or free man, could not be an American citizen. And he couldn’t file a federal lawsuit. Predictably, the abolitionists were infuriated by this decision – one of the worst if not the worst in the history of the court – and it spurred more talk of civil war.

Tempers ran high before the Civil War. You can imagine the level of anger needed to start a war. Yet the abolitionists understood that there is a price to pay for freedom and that all men should be free. Life and liberty are cornerstones of the United States and unconditional freedom for slaves was imperative.

In Oklahoma, almost every politician – even some Democrats – label themselves pro-life. They all vote for laws during every legislative session to slow down the rate of abortion.

They pass laws that do little and those laws are overturned by a liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court. The court argues that even though abortion is wrong and that Oklahomans consistently vote to end abortion, their hands are tied because the current U.S. Supreme Court has declared abortion on demand as completely legal.

We get laws that may have some effect on slowing abortion but in reality they are codifying the taking of life. Oklahoma has passed laws that require women who want an abortion to see an ultrasound of their unborn child. Oklahoma passed a law that abortion clinics have to have the same medical standards as other clinics. They passed laws that abortion clinics have to tell the truth about how many abortions they commit and who are their patients.  Oklahoma even passed a law (that was struck down) that would strip away the medical license of any doctor who committed an abortion.

And yet Oklahoma still murders 5,000 unborn babies every year. And “pro-life” legislators keep getting re-elected because voters think they are protecting our children when they are not.

Here’s the saddest part of this. Well-intentioned churches all over Oklahoma are doing nothing to stop abortion. They might support crisis pregnancy centers (who do good work in steering women away from abortion) but you will never hear a sermon for the abolition of abortion in the majority of these churches. A pastor whose heart is against abortion doesn’t dare bring up the topic because there are women in the pews who have had abortions and there are men in the congregation who have coerced women into having abortions. If the pastor teaches the Bible’s condemnation of abortion, some of those and others will leave and never come back.

There is a courageous group called Abolish Human Abortion that is headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma. They have two goals – reach sinners for Jesus Christ and to end abortion immediately.

Until abortion is abolished, the American Holocaust continues and America will be judged by God for our action or indifference.