Abortion Has Ruined the Country

It was bound to come up sooner or later.  In Bloomberg Businessweek’s Open Remarks, columnist Charles Kenny wrote, “Immigrants to the Rescue.”

You see Donald Trump is all wrong about what immigrants can do for Americans.  They don’t bring crime and drugs, they stabilize the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 3,185,924 births in 2014.  That equates to an average of 1.9 births per woman, which is too low to keep the population stable. Women need to give birth to 2.1 children on average to keep population constant.

This number is called “the replacement fertility rate.”  This rate has steadily dropped over the years in the wealthiest countries from 2.98 children per woman in 1960 to 1.78 in 1990 and 1.66 today.

The dire prediction is “if nothing changes, there will be a considerable shift toward smaller, much older populations throughout the industrialized world.”

Mr. Kenny also concludes, “That retirees don’t work but they do consume, drawing pensions and requiring healthcare.  That creates a real challenge for how to support them.”

It is only a matter of time when politicians will want to cut retirees’ medical care and income for the greater good of society.  Don’t we have too many old people?

Speaking of the greater good, what Mr. Kenny does not report on is why America has such a low birthrate.  Could it be the young adults can’t find suitable employment to raise a family?  Possibly.  Remember President Obama reduced the workweek to thirty hours and 94 million Americans are without work.  Is it because of America’s wars, where we lost the flower of our young men?  That too might be a reason, but the most likely is the country’s acceptance of abortion.

If Americans bring 3,985,924 babies into the world each year, we also have destroyed 11.29 years of babies, or 45,000,000 children who might have been doctors, lawyers and teachers.

Remember – a fetus is not a person, only its body parts are, according to Planned Parenthood.

Well, Mr. Kenny advocates letting more immigrants in to raise the birthrate.

As recently reported in New York City last year, more black babies were aborted than born.  If that is the case, let’s assume that of the 55 million destroyed Americans 20 million were black.

How much sense does it make to now go to Africa to replace the African Americans killed?  Do they bring education, wealth and good health?  Probably not. Mr. Trump was correct Mexico is not sending their best and brightest.  They are sending people who need an education and medical care, which is not available at home.

I have no quarrel with immigration.  Why can’t Mexicans get into line like so many before them?  My ancestors got in line when the sign read, “Irish need not apply.”

If we closed the borders and required illegals to get into line, it would make sense.  We should also pass “Kate’s Law” to rid ourselves of lawbreakers and eliminate sanctuary cities for good.  And a further point is limiting Arab peoples or Islamists into the country until the Islam threat is neutralized. We are not an Islamic country.

Most governments have not liberalized immigration.  They have seen what nonassimilation can do to the host country.  There are huge areas of Paris where Arabic is spoken and the intent is to bring your former society with you.  The total number of Muslims in Europe in 2010 was estimated at 44 million.

Open borders will solve nothing.  What is needed is for individuals such as Pope Francis to condemn dictators across the globe – not capitalism which attracts those without hope.  Maybe the Pope should look in his own Argentina backyard at Cristina Kirchner for his homily.

America can solve its population issues if it were to return to its God fearing roots and sweep depravity away.