Letter to the editor: Advice from Napoleon?

Sometimes you can get a lot done by not doing anything at all. Not usually.

It is said that General Napoleon told his generals on one occasion, “The enemy is maneuvering into an untenable position. Do not do anything to interfere with that.”

It is said that General Patton had nearly surrounded the enemy. However, his generals warned him that he had left a way out of the trap. Patton told them to leave that escape hatch open so they would stampede right thru their own headquarters.

It is said that President Trump got one of his nominees confirmed without doing anything at all. (Someone fill me in on that. I don’t know what happened.)

Saint Peter attempted to defend the Lord Jesus by lopping off Malchus’ ear. Jesus told Peter to put up his sword and just let things happen the way they had been prophesied. And in His Resurrection, He won the biggest victory of all history.

Those are all possibly true. Yet, most victories have been won by the careful work and valor of thousands and hundreds of thousands. Very few victories come from inaction.

We don’t win political victories by killing those who would vote against us, but by putting up signs, gathering signatures, getting out the vote, donating right out of our paychecks, writing letters to politicians and editors, working and praying, marching and hollering.

Those who threaten to kill us have already given up on “the democratic process.” They show that they have no case and know it. They prove that they want a Napoleon to slaughter us. They prove that they have already lost and wouldn’t know what to do if they won.

The late great Colonel Jeff Cooper quoted this many times:

“On the Plains of Hesitation, lie the bones of countless millions,

“Who, at the Dawn of Victory, lay down to rest, and resting, died.”