AG urges states to deny Iran deal

President Obama apparently has enough votes to  prevent an override of an expected veto of his nuclear weapons deal with Iran.

In response to the president’s nuclear deal with Iran, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette sent a letter to all 50 states urging them to impose state-based sanctions against Iran.

“The executive agreement the president brokered is a bad deal for the United States and the world. It requires only marginal changes to Iran’s nuclear program, while allowing Iran to maintain technology that would lead to a nuclear weapon. Iran is a regime that holds American citizens in darkened cells and American allies under threat of annihilation. States should take every action available to immediately impose sanctions on Iran,” Pruitt said.

In 2010, the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010 stated “that the United States should support the decision of any state or local government that for moral, prudential or reputational reasons divests from or prohibits the investment of assets of the state or local government in…Iran.” To date, 25 states – from New York to Florida to Texas to California – have enacted such sanctions.

“As part of the Iran deal, the president has agreed to actively encourage states to drop their sanctions, and there’s no doubt the administration will label our effort as ‘interference.’ But there is strong bipartisan opposition to the Iran deal in Congress, and 25 states already have exercised their authority and issued sanctions to prohibit investment of state assets in Iran. To those states, we are encouraging them to strengthen and expand existing sanctions. For the other 25 states, we are urging governors and attorneys general, as those elected to enforce laws and ensure good stewardship of public funds, to aggressively move to enact strong sanctions against Iran as soon as possible,” Pruitt said.