Letter to the editor: AIDs in Africa is a wrong priority

We read in the Tulsa World that the Obama administration is announcing a  $300,000,000 program to reduce HIV infections (in Africa) in girls ages 15 to 24.

Susan Rice refers to the action as empowering adolescent girls to defeat HIV.  Money has already been allocated to the president’s Emergency Plan For AIDS relief.

This is happening while the Social Security recipients, U.S. military and U.S. federal retirees are advised that cost of living increases for 2016 are unlikely and the cost of Medicare is likely to increase.

I am one person who will be glad to see the day when sickness and sexually transmitted disease (STDs) are totally eradicated for all people.  But, I know that there is not enough money to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in the United States, much less in nations where there are no restraints on rape and homosexual activity.  Susan Rice’s statement (empowering adolescent girls) shows her lack of knowledge regarding unrestrained male behavior in parts of the world.

The innocent victims of STD are to be pitied.  The United States owes nothing to those who are spreading HIV/AIDS, bringing their own countries to shame.  The United States does owe our military and those receiving Social Security benefits a great deal.  Many of these U.S. citizens have worked hard and faithfully paid taxes for years on end and they deserve some help in keeping up with inflation.

Using a manipulated  Consumer Price Index to deny a cost-of-living increase is shameful.  The Obama administration’s disdain for the American people is increasing and Hillary Clinton has already said that she wants this kind of “progress” to continue.

Please stand with me in calling these un-American activities to the attention of our elected representatives.