America cannot tolerate four more years of Obama’s policies

Now that the major party National Conventions have ended, there is no question about the names of the respective candidates for the two top offices in the United States. On the left, we have former First Lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-New York. On the right we find, developer and businessman Donald J. Trump, R-New York.

My, what a choice we have to make. We could have had an avowed Socialist  and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, I-New Hampshire, against any number of applicants. The best vote getter being former Texas Solicitor General and present U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who as solicitor general won a number of cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and is a dedicated constitutional conservative.

Secretary Clinton has loudly proclaimed her intention to “continue the legacy of” PRESBO, which we can assume would mean the continued destruction of our defense capabilities and the military officer corps, as well as massive giveaways to more or less unfriendly nations around the world. All the while, Mr. Trump has equally loudly proclaimed his intent to “make America great again.”

Frankly, I do not put much faith in any campaign promises. My preferred agenda, particularly in the area of tax relief and reduction, has not been proposed by any of the numerous primary candidates, except perhaps for former Governor Mike Huckaby, R-Arkansas, who came out fully in favor of the long proposed in Congress “Fair Tax” as a total replacement for the now onerous IRS managed income tax. More on that in a later tome.

For the present, it seems proper to take a look at the record of current White House tenant, PRESBO, for the last seven plus years since January 2009. In my mind, the only campaign promise he has fulfilled was his repeated “fundamentally change America” – but it has been not for the better. In my opinion, he and Secretary Clinton, while in office, committed acts that border on, if not exceed, the definition of treason. Her actions, recently outlined in detail, would put any of us in prison for life but she has not been charged.

Last year, talk show host Mike Gallagher researched and wrote an essay which he titled: “Obama: It was You.” Space does not permit the full disclosure of statements, but here are some of the, considered by me, most alarming:

At an Islamic dinner he stated in his remarks: “I am one of you.” He allocated $100 million to rebuild foreign mosques. He wrote that in event of a conflict, “I will stand with the Muslims.” He assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that: “I am a Muslim.” His administration has exempted Muslims from the Obamacare penalties. Early on, he supported the building of the “Ground Zero Victory Mosque” overlooking the World Trade Center site. His administration is staffed at top positions with dedicated Muslims, many with close ties to extremist groups, et al.

In my mind, the fact that the establishment rulers of the once patriotic Democrat Party allowed this travesty to be fostered on us amounts to disloyalty at the least, aided and abetted by a sympathetic and aggressive Communist/Socialist media and some RINO (Republicans In Name Only) members of Congress. It is a possible sad ending to that magnificent experiment in republic form of government established 240 years ago with great sacrifice and bloodshed. I firmly believe that it cannot continue to exist with another four years of the same operation. But, unfortunately, large numbers of voters seem to be blind to the danger and willing to vote for those offering “freebies” which leaves us with a Congress staffed by a majority of elected officials selling out to them.