Editorial: America is becoming unchurched

A Barna Group survey showed that almost four in 10 U.S. adults are “unchurched” – those who have not attended a church service (except for a wedding, funeral, etc.) in the last six months.

The study shows that 29 percent of the adults used to attend church but now don’t and 9 percent never attended church. That means about 38 percent of adult Americans don’t go to church.

It’s no surprise that San Francisco ranks No. 1 in terms of the number of people who are “unchurched” with 61 percent. New York is No. 10 and Los Angeles is No. 15.

Tulsa is No. 76 with a 31 percent unchurched ranking. Oklahoma City is No 75 but is really tied with Tulsa.

Augusta, Georgia, is at the bottom of the survey at No. 117 with a 13 percent rating.

West Palm Beach, Florida/Fort Pierce, Florida ranks No. 1 in the never-been-churched category with a whopping 17 percent. New York is No. 3 at 15 percent.

These numbers are alarming but not surprising.

America’s moral slide is well documented as people embrace homosexuality, licentiousness, domestic violence, crime, gambling, drug addiction, alcoholism, the destruction of the family and other serious situations. Historically, Christians within Bible-believing churches stood for moral principles. Our legal system is built on those values.

But when people don’t go to church, they don’t read and study the Bible and they don’t associate with others who do want to development their relationships with God and Jesus Christ. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian but the abandonment of church by a culture indicates changes are on the way.

And those changes don’t foster hope for a better future.