America must not put another Clinton in the White House

Former President Bill Clinton is a power happy, sex-crazed, dirty old man. And Mrs. Clinton is the top enabler in America.

That honest statement should weight heavily with voters on November 8.

Donald Trump has had three wives and probably several affairs. He is no Boy Scout but his locker room comments are nothing compared to the actions of the Clinton Family.

Bill Clinton had affairs and sexual assaults and Mrs. Clinton orchestrated a host of cover-ups.

In 1998, Bill Clinton paid an $850,000 settlement to former Arkansas state worker Paula Jones, who accused him of making an unwanted sexual advance while he was governor.

A suit by Jones initially did not succeed. Then Bill Clinton went on national television and denied he had sex with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Special prosecutors proved otherwise and Clinton’s denial in Jones’ case became central to his impeachment charges. That gave the case new life. Clinton claimed that he settled the case to avoid further negative publicity.

Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer, accused Bill Clinton of fondling her during a private meeting in the Oval Office. Prosecutors chose not to pursue that because it was his word against her word.

Willey reported a series of threats after she made her accusations, including finding a dead cat on her porch and threatening-looking strangers coming by her house.

Perhaps the worst example of Bill Clinton’s behavior and Mrs. Clintons attitude concerned Juanita Broaddrick in 1978. Broaddrick said Bill Clinton raped her.

Broaddrick said she attended a political event weeks after the rape and she ran into Hillary Clinton, who thanked her for helping her husband’s campaign.

Broaddrick has described this as Mrs. Clinton’s attempt to “silence” her from speaking out.

Kathy Shelton has solid reasons for despising Mrs. Clinton. When Shelton was 12, she was raped. Mrs. Clinton was an attorney in Arkansas and was assigned to defend the man who raped Shelton.

Clinton demanded a psychiatric examination of the 12-year-old victim and questioned her emotional stability. Mrs. Clinton got the rape charges reduced to unlawful “fondling of a child.”

The Washington Free Beacon newspaper has recordings from the 1980s in which Mrs. Clinton implies that she knew the defendant, Thomas Taylor, was guilty.

Shelton said Mrs. Clinton “took me through Hell.”

Hillary Clinton is the most despised Democrat presidential nominee in my lifetime. Books have been written about how she mistreated members of the White House staff when she was First Lady. Those staff members worshiped Laura Bush but hated Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton lies with a straight face. She has lied so much that I don’t believe she even knows that she is telling lies.

In her well-paid speeches before Wall Street investment groups and high-dollar bankers, she admitted that her private thoughts and public statements are sometimes opposite of each other. She doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

Mrs. Clinton has little regard for human life. She believes that a baby isn’t a person until you leave the hospital. She supports Roe v. Wade, partial-birth abortion, abortion as birth control and government funding of abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood. Mrs. Clinton wants to force Christian schools and even churches to pay for health care policies that have provisions for birth control that are forms of abortion.

No unborn baby in America will be safe if Mrs. Clinton becomes president.

Mrs. Clinton pretends to support the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. She does not. She wants to enhance background checks and to ban any fireman that she doesn’t like.

If Mrs. Clinton were elected, she would push to force every sale of a firearm to have government approval. You could not sell a shotgun to a friend or family member without having a federal license. This and other provisions she pushes would end gun shows in America.

America’s stature in the world under Barack Hussein Obama is the worst in more than a century. Our enemies don’t respect us and our friends don’t trust us.

Electing Mrs. Clinton would simply be a third term for Obama and his failed foreign policy. She was the Secretary of State when Islamic terrorists killed our ambassador to Libya. She did nothing to prevent that and she lied to the families of dead staff members after it happened.

Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private server for her email invited breaches of security. She would have been indicted for such a widespread breach if Obama had not protected her through his cronies in the Justice Department and the complicit FBI leadership.

Mrs. Clinton says she wants to raise taxes on the rich and big business. She will try to raise taxes on the middle class. She is such a hypocrite – making speeches to powerful banks while lying to voters about tax policy.

Who in their right mind would want Bill Clinton back living in the White House? Who with an ounce of sense would want Hillary Clinton running this country and determining foreign policy? It would be madness to elect this woman.

Pray for America. Pray that we would repent. And pray that we won’t make a mistake and put the Clinton team back in the White House.