America needs ‘enough good men’ to demand some changes

August 8, 2013
Robert McDowell

Several decades ago, during the late 1950s or early-to-mid-1960s, our then-rather-small congregation of Bear Creek Presbyterian Church in Lakewood, Colorado, became desperate for a Sunday School teacher for the high school children.

Somehow my name surfaced to our pastor, John Coad, and he was able to prevail on me to become the teacher.  One did not refuse John as his background was as a Golden Gloves Boxing champion, followed by a stint in the United States Marine Corps in the South Pacific – island hopping battles.  He still was in excellent physical condition and at 6-3, he was not to be crossed.  To be considered by him as friend and confidante was truly a welcome position.

In any event, it became my position. At the beginning, the class would consist of no more than four or five, in all four grades.  After a few getting-acquainted sessions, with me learning the nuances of being a teacher, the closing of each class brought the question to them of “what did you learn today?”

Gradually our membership and attendance increased, primarily due to the scriptural preaching of John, as did the Sunday School attendance. We had the room filled with up to 20.

One Sunday the subject was Satan, or “the Devil” and at the opening, the question was asked if anyone believed in him.  No more than one hand was raised, so it seemed that my work was really cut out for me, since my belief was and is a solid positive.  Those of us older folks may remember the TV comedian

Flip Wilson whose signature quote was “The Devil made me do it,” which always brought solid laughs.  While treated as comedy, in my mind there is a whole lot of  truth to the statement.  Remembering this served me well in my class that Sunday, as well as solid referring to Scripture for back up.

Time has erased from my memory all the details of the lessons brought out during the class, but at the end question, there was not one hand held down, so far as my memory has been since then.  That class sticks in my mind as the best in the two years before relief arrived and my position was relegated to being a substitute (a good thing since business had become so active that my presence was demanded for drilling or completing oil wells).

Now where is this going in light of today’s events?  Well, it is my conviction that Satan is still most active in our world and achieving success in the good old USA.  Last month, reports have surfaced of an abortion clinic protest in Austin, Texas,  where the “pro-life” group was singing Amazing Grace.  There was a pro-abortion group, reportedly across the street, that – according to the several reports from reliable sources – was shouting “Hail Satan” to drown out the singing.  Further reports state that this group of Satan worshipers was completely equipped with containers of urine, feces and “used tampons” – which they intended to hurl at the singers.

Those “weapons” indicate that this was no spontaneous gathering but that they were well prepared to do personal violence to those of the Christian faith who were simply exercising their constitutional right of free speech.

What harm would singing a hymn do to the other group?  Such actions mimic those reported of prison inmates, particularly those detainees being held on the island of Cuba at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base called GITMO.  The thought has occurred to me that perhaps these counter-protesters may really be terrorist sympathizers.  Their plans certainly do not seem to be those of civilized humans.

It seems no wonder that the United States has deteriorated into the mess that we find ourselves today.  We need a whole bunch more of what Edmund Burke called “enough good men” to rise up and demand changes from top to bottom.