American Christians need to realize the Islamic threat

As I write this article early Sunday morning, on the heels of yet another Islamic attack (the killing of fourteen people in San Bernardino), Obama is scheduled to speak to the nation tonight.  The pundits are making their predictions about what he will say, but the likelihood of getting real leadership to protect this country from the real threat of Islam, as opposed to climate change, is fairly slim.

The truth is that if he does not come out against the Islamic violence with a real plan to defeat it, there are a lot of citizens in this nation that will believe him, and the reason is because in spite of all that has happened since 9/11, we remain ignorant about Islam and Christianity.

To many in this country, there is no difference between the two.  Liberals, especially in the mainstream media, are quite eager to blame white Christians for terrorism.  The earliest reports on the San Bernardino attack claimed that it had been perpetrated by three white males.

The problem is that even Christians in this country, much less the average citizen, knows very little about the Bible or about the Koran and Islam, and that makes it much more difficult to defeat terrorism.

Several weeks ago in my column I mentioned that there are numerous books and resources from which we can get the information we need.

One of the books I read some years ago is Inside Islam, written by Reza F. Safa in 1996.  Safa, a devout former radical Shiite Muslim who converted to Christianity, explains very well how and why Islam has been spreading into the United States, as well as the history of Islam since its inception by Muhammed on September 24, 622 A.D.

An acquaintance of mine once asked me why Christians made such a big deal about Islam when Islam had been around for thousands of years before Christianity.  He was obviously in error in his knowledge of history, but did you know that the concept of Allah predates the life of Jesus?

In Safa’s book he writes, “According to the Encyclopedia of Religion, Allah is a pre-Islamic name corresponding to the Babylonian Bel (Baal).  According to the Middle East scholar E.M. Wherry, in pre-Islamic times both Allah-worship and Baal-worship of Baal involved the worship of the sun, the moon and the stars, which defines them as astral religions.  The crescent moon, which was the symbol of moon worship, is also the symbol of Islam.

It is printed on the flags of many Islamic countries and placed on top of minarets and mosques.”

From the Old Testament, we know that the worship of Baal included fertility cults, child sacrifice, consumption of sacrifices made to the dead, and the persecution and murder of God’s prophets.

Many of us have seen news clips of Muslims walking around the Black Stone in Mecca, a custom now called the hajj that each Muslim is expected to accomplish at least once in their lifetime.

The Black Stone is located in a cubical building called the Ka’aba (or cube) which Muslims are taught was built by Abraham and his son Ishmael.  However, this practice predates Muhammed.

Safa wrote, the “Ka’aba was full of the images of other gods and goddesses.  It was a custom of pilgrims who came to Mecca to walk around Ka’aba seven times, kissing and touching the Black Stone.  The Black Stone was a meteorite to which great religious significance was attached.  This pagan custom was later adopted by Muhammed in the Islamic pilgrimage of hajj.”

Safa warned us in 1996 how Islam would spread in the United States, immigration, high birthrates and the conversion of many black Americans, all of which have occurred.

He also gives us the bloody history of Islam, which began with Muhammed and has continued uninterrupted to this day, and the reason that violence is not just accepted but expected in the spread of Islam: “To a Muslim, dying and killing for the cause of Islam is not only an honor, but also a way of pleasing Allah.

“The only way Muslims can have assurance of salvation and eternal life is by becoming a martyr for the cause of Islam.”  This has created a cult of fear and violence that explains the spread of Islam and the irrational actions of its “radicals.”

You have probably heard that the Secret Service only studies our own currency, so that they will instantly recognize a counterfeit when they see it.  This is a clever analogy, but wrong in its application in this case.  As Christians, and as Americans, we need to understand what Christianity is, and we need to understand the reality of Islam’s history and its fallacy as a religion.

It needs to be taught in our schools and our churches.  Muhammed may have been an evil genius, but shame on us if we are so ignorant to fall for it.