Americans are not informed about the Islamic threat

Virtually everywhere Islam goes, eventually there is violence, oppression and/or death.  We have witnessed just a few instances of this in recent weeks with the bombing of the Russian airliner, the attacks in Paris and the attacks in Mali – all apparently the work of ISIS or al Qaeda.  Last week, there was a news report that Iran had staged a military exercise involving 120 brigades who practiced taking over a replica of the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem.

The violence that is being done in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world should sicken everyone.  For example, there was a report from a Croatian Catholic website last week that described the crucifixion of two Christian teenagers in Syria who had refused to convert to Islam.  The same report described how the Jihadists had played football with the heads of those they had murdered, and said that the “killers took pregnant women and pulled out their babies from their wombs and hung them from a tree by their umbilical cords”.

Despite some of the ignorant comments of television personalities, Christianity and Islam are nothing alike.  One key difference is that when Christians present the Gospel to non-believers, they are to simply move on if it is rejected. We are to live at peace with them to the extent that we able, and for most Muslims, we can.

But in pure Islam, we see the opposite.  Those who don’t accept Islam are to be subjugated and taxed, or killed.  This is systemic in the Koran, and while there are many peaceful Muslims who want to remain Muslim, it is telling that they want nothing to do with the violence.  The fact is, those who are doing the violence are those who are being faithful to the Koran.  A remaining question is, then, at what point do peaceful Muslims become violent?

In spite of the brutality, instead of denouncing it all, peaceful Muslims remain essentially silent.  While there are a few who will speak up, the vast majority either give passive approval for what is being done, they are indifferent, or they are simply afraid – afraid of being disowned or killed by their own family, or killed by other Muslims.  They have good reason to be afraid, since ISIS and others are just as likely to kill their own as they are Christians.

This morning (November 22), Fox News released a poll that shows that 66 percent of U.S. citizens believe that we are at war with radical Islam, while at the same time Obama (and Hillary Clinton) refute that claim. They maintain that Islam is a religion of peace and that radicals simply “hijacked” a “great” religion.

From the moment Islam was born, Islam has been about one thing – conquest of the world.  The Ottoman Empire, which at one time stretched from north Africa to Budapest to Baghdad and beyond, existed from its beginning in 1299 until its end in 1922, when the caliphate was dissolved.  Since that time and on into the 1980s, Islam was not on the radar of most Americans, though it was never inactive in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

That period of time of perceived inactivity led to serious ignorance on the part of Americans, who believed (and still rightfully believe) in religious freedom.

Despite all that has happened over the past forty years, many Americans are still completely uniformed about the nature and danger that Islam poses to us and the rest of the world.  The information is readily available; there are numerous authors that have written about Islam to their own peril, showing exactly what the Koran teaches and their plan to make Islam the only religion on the planet.  It is not difficult to conclude how much danger we are in, nor is it difficult to understand the evil genius of Mohamed.  It is also not difficult to understand how the plan created a population of 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet, as many generations of intimidation and population were the result of it.

As to the question of bringing Syrian refugees here, there is no question – we simply cannot create a pipeline for those who want to bring violence to our land to hide among those who are desperate to escape.  It is irrelevant that our government has not declared war on Islam – Islam declared war on the world from the time of Mohammed, and a significant minority of Muslims around the world are hard at work carrying out that mission.  We are, in fact, at war with Islam.  That does not mean we should attack all Muslims, but it does mean making an all-out effort to eradicate all of those who have become militant, including ISIS, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and others.

It also means closing our borders to all immigrants, keeping many Muslims under surveillance and going back to war in the Middle East.  These things need to be done, or the world will sink into a deadly chaos that will make previous genocides pale in comparison.