Letter to the editor: Americans need to define integrity, ethic and character

How do we define integrity, ethics and character? The dictionary gives us “firm attachment to moral or artistic principle; honesty and sincerity.” A quote from Peter Drucker, “The ultimate test of management is integrity.”

Recent example of ethics and integrity are “General Motors. A total of 124 people were killed and 274 injured with 4,342 claims, because of faulty design on their cars.” After the first few, that was a red flag.  A complete analysis should have been made and car design corrected.

How about the Penn State scandal with assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. Many people knew of the incidents but kept quiet because of “best interest of the university” …  Another example is the scandal of sex abuse in the Catholic Church. Why did that go on for years? In both cases, leadership would not take the high road.

Recall the Enron and British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Once again information was available that action could have been taken.

Forty-one years later, I submit Drucker hit it on the head. Lawyers, laws and court systems are not going to help you get a fair deal. My suggestion is deal only with organizations and people you can trust. Trust is gained over time. The issue is not what you say, as much as what you do.

My father, the late Roscoe Channing Migliore, was a merchant in Collinsville, Oklahoma. As a teenager, I helped deliver a freezer to a farmer on the verge of losing a freezer full of meat. My father, a union electrician, noticed the problem was in the electric cord. He fixed it in minutes. In the short run, he lost a sale. But, in the long run, his actions confirmed what everyone in the Collinsville area already knew. You could trust Roscoe. A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, Favor is better than silver and gold.

Proverbs 22:1. I submit that integrity, ethics and character are traits that are not only morally correct, but gain a trust that makes people want to do business with your organization.