Americans should be diligent to ensure sanctity of the ballot box

In many places around the nation, there is a coordinated move under way to defraud the legitimate voters by illegally registering tens of thousands, if not millions, of names on the registration rolls in numerous states.  The method takes on a number of forms, but in every case it seems that the ultimate goal is to register (and see that they vote) aliens, both legal and illegal.  The net result to the honest, sincere and patriotic voting public is that these illegal votes serve to substantially diminish the effect of their votes.

Such ballot box stuffing has been going on for decades, if not two centuries, in the United States and with continuing success in certain parts of the nation, such as Chicago, New York and now California.  In my own experience, as a county Republican chairman, such activity has been observed or suspected.  In the 2000 presidential election, it was observed that the three precincts along the south county line, that the vote for the state representative was substantially (if memory is accurate) 20 percent more than the vote for president.  Those precincts were in a different House district than the rest of the county and in the district represented by the former House Speaker.  Later information surfaced, from some Democrats, that the source could have been fraudulent absentee ballots.

Fortunately, my chairman colleague of one of those adjoining counties succeeded in getting a law passed to limit the number of absentee ballots that could come to and from one residence and that could be sealed by one Notary Public. That served to substantially reduce the number of suspect absentee ballots. However, the honesty is only as reliable as the integrity of the county election board secretary and staff and there are examples of shortages in those offices.

In a recent term of the Legislature, a representatives submitted, again according to memory, 9 bills to affect voter registration.  One would have established registration by the Internet.  In that case, the question becomes: how can citizenship be determined?  For several years, even two or three decades, the absentee ballot envelope has instructions printed in English and Spanish.  This seems illegal to me since it is necessary that an immigrant become a citizen and demonstrate the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language. The law still states that only citizens are allowed to vote.

Even now, with the “Motor Voter Registration” required under the PRESBO Administration there is the opportunity for very large, if not massive, fraudulent voter registration.  Also, the current paper registration application system in Oklahoma leaves the door at least partly open, depending on the dedication of the election board staff to take the effort to verify the citizenship of the applicants.

Recently, on October 11 in the daily paper, a story by Juliet Williams of the AP was headlined: “California voters to be automatically registered at DMV.”  It further stated that it was the second state to adopt such a law.  Thus when anyone is issued a drivers license he/she is automatically registered to vote.  And, California issues drivers licenses to aliens, reportedly both legal and illegal, and what about those under 18 who get licenses?   The first state was Oregon and both states are notoriously socialist in the electorate.

It would appear to me that these moves are an orchestrated attempt to be absolutely certain that there would be a permanent Democrat majority of elected officials, some of whom would be of the Communist/Socialist orientation and thus treasonist to the republic form of government under which the United States was established.  We all need to be eternally alert to these transgressions and those who intend to change our nation to a C/S dictatorship or to a Third World nation.