Editorial: Americans should be thankful

Americans have a lot to thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Despite our troubles, most Americans enjoy a standard of living beyond the reach of most of the people of the world.

Even though there are constant challenges to our Constitution, we enjoy freedoms unmatched in the rest of the world. America has great natural resources and we feed the world. Our innovative technology is tops.  Despite the claims by liberal politicians, America has the best social safety nets of any major nation.

We have problems.

Our public schools have shifted away from the traditional Christian values that shaped this country. Much of higher education drives students and their families into debt and promotes socialism.  Our religious freedoms are under constant assault, although we have a new president who seems to be committed to reversing that trend.

Immorality is approaching new lows. Abortion – the American holocaust – has claimed the lives of almost 60 million innocent unborn babies.

Past presidents have placed our soldiers in harm’s way in the longest running wars in our history. But through it all, many Americans cling to faith in God and Jesus Christ. Despite the revision of history, this country was founded on the basis of Biblical principles and God’s favor is the main reason for our prosperity.

Here’s hoping your family will gather at Thanksgiving and give some thought to God and His blessings.