And He Should Fight Back

It is not uncommon for people to suggest that President Trump tone it down.  Even many conservatives would like for him to give up on twitter.  The president can reach millions of Americans with his own message.  Without twitter, the message would be filtered through a very hostile press.  Why is this somehow not useful for the president?

Almost from day one, the Trump presidency has been dogged by a hostile press, a special prosecutor and a relentless obsession that he colluded with the Russians in taking the presidency away from Hillary Clinton.  No modern president has had to put up with such relentless interference.

Do you hear Republican leaders come to his aid?  No.  They are too interested worrying about the mid-term elections.  It was the Tea Party that first gave control of the House to the Republicans.  It was not some principled stance from lawmakers, but a base fed-up with the direction of the Obama administration.  That same public likes the direction of the country, the economy and dismantling of the Obama legacy.

If Republicans in Congress would simply get behind the president, they would probably find their election prospects much brighter.  The president can still get on a plane and put together huge rallies anywhere he chooses. The Republican base is still with the president and now has more job opportunities and money to spend since 2000.

When people ask the president to be more reserved and statesman like, it is simply all one sided.

As one writer wrote, “And Mr. Trump, despite his reckless attacks on Democratic norms, is a weak and inept leader.”  Another wrote, “Trump is a gift to the world’s tyrants in two important ways.  First, he doesn’t typically stand up to them.  Secondly, his tweets and outrages suck the oxygen from important issues worldwide.”  Still another wrote, “There are orgies and payoffs and mud wrestling, so beyond anything we’ve experienced anywhere.”

Is that civil discourse concerning issues of the day?  Where have these writers been and who employs them?

Trump has won the battle against ISIS.  North Korea and Iran have taken stands because they know where the line is drawn in the sand.  There is no more leading from the rear.

Why would not anyone who is addressed as our president  not have a right to defend his family and himself?  America must lead and cannot do so if we return to the foreign policy of Jimmy Carter and Barrack Obama.  Both styles didn’t work and never will in the world we face today.

Now to the president’s State of the Union speech.  According to CBS News poll, 75 percent of Americans approved of the president’s speech. Eight in 10 American who watched felt the president was trying to unite the country, rather than divide it.  Two-thirds said the speech made them feel proud, though just a third said it made them feel safer.

In contrast, Bloomberg (which almost never agrees with Mr. Trump) found little to agree with in the speech.  On immigration they said, “A remark that Americans are dreamers, too, is a dig at the undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children, that advocates call dreamers. That was met with eye rolling on the Democratic side of the House chamber.”

As long as the media will not meet the president half way and give him credit for the confidence people feel, he will need to fight for his principles.  We are with you, Mr. President.