Editorial: Another pro-life law challenged

Liberals, profiteers and those who disregard the value of human life continue to effectively use activist judges to permit the killing of unborn babies.

The will of the people of Oklahoma is clearly to stop legalized abortion. That has been expressed over and over again in the Oklahoma Legislature and even by liberal politicians like former Gov. Brad Henry, a Democrat.

Senate Bill 642 by Sen. Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma, mandated that a sample of the fetal tissue taken from girls age 14 and under be sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for rape investigations. It has other provision, including licensing of clinics plus others.

But once again, an abortionist in Norman has enlisted the legal service of an out-of-state organization to overturn a law wanted by the people of Oklahoma.

Larry Burns, who aborts unborn babies in Norman, has asked that the law be overturned on a legal technicality. Burns and the abortion clinics in Tulsa and Oklahoma City are afraid that someday it will be illegal to kill babies in their mothers’ wombs. They understand that they can’t convince decent Oklahomans to support that so they employ New York attorneys and liberal judges to overwhelm the will of the people.

The language of the bill was approved by the state attorney general but the abortionists are banking on the track of the Oklahoma Supreme Court to overturn any laws that “embarrass” the state.

Every culture is judged by how it treats its weakest citizens. The legislative cure for abortion isn’t working because of judge who want to make law instead of interpreting law.