Editorial: Another wasteful city boondoggle

Mayor G.T. Bynum and the City Council convinced Tulsa voters to raise sales taxes and then borrow money to build a totally unnecessary new pedestrian bridge across the Arkansas River.

They said it would cost $25,000,000.00 – a lot of money by any standards.

But now estimates show it may cost more than $30,000,000.00 and those figures could escalate.

But, hey, it’s just numbers on a piece of paper for Bynum and the councilors. All they have to do is raise taxes or raise fees (like for parking tickets, licenses, fines, etc.).

If there is one thing Bynum and the councilors are good it, it’s raising taxes and revenue.

There apparently was no effort to control costs on this pedestrian bridge boondoggle. They hired the same overpriced architect that designed the new park on Riverside Drive.

The bridge is supposed to span the river at 29th Street.

Predictable cost overruns include a wooden deck, plants, shading and other pricey add-ons.

Bynum thinks he can cover the cost overruns with private donations. He wanted the companies who bid for the design of the project to do two bids – one for $25,000,000.00 and one for $35,000,000.00.

It’s a lot of fun spending other people’s money.

While low-income Tulsans struggle with annual utility payment increases, city officials waste millions of dollars on cost overrun for an “iconic” pedestrian bridge. This is all a part of the effort by “chambercrats” to use public tax money to make improvements to Downtown and the river. These improvements cost them nothing and it improves the value of the property they own downtown.

It’s ridiculous to spend $25,000,000.00 on a bridge while Tulsa’s streets crumble. Spending $30,000,000.00-plus is even worse.