Letter to the editor: Answers in Scripture

The quick answer of why does fake news still fail is simply honesty always prevails. President Trump’s mass mandate really was genuine. The 2016 election was not hacked by Russian aliens after all as CNN’s producer admitted on June 27 (that the Russian hacking antics was merely just more fake news). It is truth not falsehoods that the moral voters of Bible nation (formerly the Bible Belt) follow best.

Proven age-old scriptures from the Bible might help educate the misguided left. For example, if John 8:44 reads, “The devil is a liar” – then is the aim of fake news to emulate the devil? If Mark 13:22 reads, “False prophets will rise to deceive” – then why would smart voters listen to it? Fortunately, Fox News is still on track and does well to act on 2 Corinthians 13:8 –“Toiling not against truth but for truth.” If 3 John 1:3 reminds all to “walk in the truth” then how again does fake news fit in? If John 17:17 reminds all to “sanctify one another with words of truth” – then what again is the aim of fake news? Fox properly rises to deliver the honest unsensitized format as is guided by 3 John 1:8 which reads, “Be ye workers for truth.”

Quite simply, if 1 Timothy 2:4 reminds the people to “come to knowledge by way of truth” – then where can fake reporting fit in?

I’m still glad America’s great again, folks.