April Graney’s new children’s book

Native Tulsan April Graney has written a new Christian children’s book, The Marvelous Mud House.

The book tells the story of young Ben and his American family and their travels to Kenya. They go from a comfortable ranch house in America to a mud hut in Kenya. The lesson is how to find true joy and the value of genuine faith.

“The Marvelous Mud House is a whimsically told true story based on our family’s interactions with Mama George and her son in Kenya,” Graney said. “My hope is that teachers, parents and grandparents – basically anyone at all – will use it to teach children about God’s heart for the world, especially those living in poverty.”

Graney, a wife and mother to five, the wife of Tom Graney, director of New Life Ranch, a Christian camp in Colcord, Oklahoma, about 80 miles east of Tulsa on Highway 412.

April Graney said she is “living her childhood dream of serving and residing at New Life Ranch, Oklahoma’s premier summer camp.” There she is involved in the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping believers for ministry. She said she loves teaching students how to study the Bible, and speaking in leadership chapel.  Graney has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Graney served as a small group leader and coordinator for their church’s ministry to young mothers before relocating to New Life Ranch. She has 10 years of homeschooling experience, while at the same time, she has kept up with some of her children being in public school.

An avid reader of children’s books, Graney said she always felt that someday she should write one herself. After a recent trip to Kenya with her family, she said she was inspired to write a story that she hopes will “make readers rejoice, cry, and be inspired to change their lives and the world.”

She is in love with Jesus and enjoys writing, blogging, and speaking. Her blog is www.aprilgraney.com.

The book is published by B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tennessee. Illustrations by Alida Massari.