Letter to the editor: ‘Are you in?’

I am one of many World War II veterans who agree with the following statement from One Political Plaza on July 5, 2015:

“The fact that many things are not as they should be is not the fault of the country or our ancestors’ lack of foresight. That fault lies with our parents – and ourselves – for not exercising the very rights that our ancestors fought and died for. That is the right to vote, the right to speak out and the right to force the government to do our will. We got lazy, apathetic, disorganized, distracted, busy, selfish, self-centered and childish and let a handful of others do as they pleased – and screw things up.

“We can change that because this is America and we have that power. It is time to do so. Are you in?”

As for me, count me in. My question for you is, “Are you in?”