As Obama exits, Americans finally have a genuine hope

There is a renewed hope for America.

First Lady Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey that America has lost hope due to the election of Donald Trump as president (she didn’t mention his name but it was obvious who she was talking about).

This is the same Michelle Obama who said she was never proud of America until we elected the first black president, her husband.

Image if a former First Lady had said she was proud because America elected a white president.

After eight years of Barack Hussein Obama, America is in terrible shape.

Racial tensions are higher than any time since the 1960s. During his tenure, Obama made wrong comments every time a white police officer shot or killed a black suspect.

There are bad cops and illegal use of excessive force, but instead of promoting respect for the law and racial harmony, President Obama has thrown fuel on the fire.

Obamacare is a disaster. Obama flat out lied when he said Americans could keep their doctors and that health care premiums would fall. Instead, companies have turned full-time employees into part-time workers to avoid paying benefits. Small businesses have been particularly hard hit with enormous increases in premiums and deductibles. Many Americans who make too much to go on welfare but not enough to make sky-high healthcare premiums are choosing to not carry insurance and instead pay the punitive tax for those without coverage.

President Obama has embraced our enemies while turning his back on our allies – Israel in particular. If he could, he would force Israel to split Jerusalem and he favors a Palestinian state. His animosity toward Israel is in contrast to his embrace of the Islamic movement that includes his refusal to call terrorist attacks what they are – an outcropping of the Islamic religion/political movement.

President Obama lied when he ran in 2008 and said that he supported traditional marriage. Once he was re-elected to a second term, his true feelings surfaced and he embraced homosexual marriage. Then he tried to order public schools to encourage gender confusion by making girls’ restrooms and locker rooms open to male homosexuals who consider themselves female.

Obama’s biggest threat to the American economy is his false narrative on the climate. Obama tried to give the United Nations control of America’s economy by signing a climate mandate which was simply a thinly disguised effort for wealth redistribution. If the world is warming and if it man were to blame, there is little that the United States could do to reverse it. We have made great strides in controlling pollution while countries like China and India are major, major polluters.

Under Obama’s economic policies, more Americans are on food stamps than ever. His misleading unemployment figures don’t reflect those who have given up getting a job. And with Obama, students borrow thousands of dollars to attend liberal colleges to get worthless degrees.

Obama’s view is that America is broken and the cause of many of the problems in the world. He thinks capitalism is evil and he is in love with socialism (Obamacare).

So when it comes to hope, there has been scant evidence of it in the last eight years. America has declined in terms of economics, world influence and spirituality under this president.

President-elect Donald Trump is not perfect. He builds casinos for a living. He is brash. During the primary season, he routinely trashed his opponents and fluctuated on important positions.

But, beginning with his selection of Mike Pence as vice president, Trump has shown that he has a keen eye for selecting talented people who can straighten out our government. Picking Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as EPA chief is evidence of the wisdom of Trump’s nominations.

Trump is a genuine Washington outsider. He is brutally honest and tough as nails when it comes to negotiations.

He will make some decisions that are not conservative or reflective of traditional values but he is totally convincing when he says he wants to make America great again.

Trump’s election was miraculous. Imagine a Hillary Clinton administration. She would have perpetuated Obama’s liberal policies and projected American weakness throughout the world. Mrs. Clinton would have increased abortion and homosexuality. And the return of Bill Clinton to live in the White House would have been a national shame.

Mrs. Clinton is a sore loser. She tried to convince Americans that Russia stole the election from her. Her minions tried to strong arm electors into defecting from Trump and illegally voting for her. She would have raised taxes and made Obamacare even worse.

It’s a common technique for bad actors to accuse their opponents of the very things they are doing. Liberal Democrats are expert at this strategy.

That’s what Michelle Obama was doing when she told Oprah Winfrey that “hope” was lost in America.

It is just the opposite.

Hope has finally returned for America.