Editorial: Attacks on Brogdon and Trump

What do Donald Trump and Randy Brogdon have in common?

Less than you would think.

Donald Trump is a highly successful businessman who is self-financing a campaign to get the Republican nomination for president. In early July, he was outpolling the other 16 announced candidates.

Randy Brogdon, a former senator and mayor of Owasso, is the chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party.

What Trump and Brogdon have in common is they are top targets of the liberal media.

Trump started a national debate on the shameful Obama policy on illegal immigration. The liberal media screamed that would cost Trump and the Republicans all of the Hispanic vote.

It didn’t.

Brogdon dared to mention that welfare essentially creates dependence in a nation where self-reliance has always been a virtue.

Both men were supposed to immediately apologize after these attacks and then slink away from public life. That’s what most people do when they get in the crosshairs of Tulsa World, the New York Times or the liberal TV stations.

But not Trump and Brogdon.

They don’t have to apologize because they spoke the truth. These two men have been through enough battles to stand tall when their words and meaning are twisted by TV talking heads and editorialists in their ivory towers.

The attacks won’t stop. When the next assault arrives, pundits will once again say that Trump and Brogdon are finished.

But they aren’t.

The liberals are the ones out of step. The American people and the citizens of Oklahoma appreciate straight talkers and men of action. They are tired of so-called conservatives who wilt under media critique.

This time, the media picked the wrong guys to attack.