August is the only time to quit EMSAcare

Tulsa utility customers can choose to not pay a monthly fee for ambulance service but that option is only available during the month of August.

EMSAcare is a subscription program by EMSA (Emergency Medical Services Authority) that covers the costs of emergency medical ambulance transport for all permanent members of households that participate in the program. EMSAcare subscribers either with or without health insurance pay no additional out-of-pocket costs – such as co-payments or deductibles – for emergency ambulance services.

Customers who are already enrolled in EMSAcare are automatically re-enrolled unless they choose to cancel. Enrolled customers who don’t choose to leave will continue to have the EMSAcare fee of $5.45 added to their monthly utility bill each month. To check if they are currently enrolled, customers can look on their water bill for a line item titled “EMSA Medical Services Program.”

Customers who are not currently enrolled in EMSAcare but would like to sign up can contact the Customer Care Center at 918-596-9511, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., or access their account online at anytime until Aug. 31. Customers also may cancel their EMSAcare service using the same contact information.

For emergency ambulance transports through EMSAcare, EMSA will bill Medicare, Medicaid, insurance providers, or another third party and accept that payment as payment in full. For uninsured patients, EMSAcare will cover the costs of qualified emergency medical transports. For complete details visit