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It would be hard to find a better dog than our little Maggie


Our family drove to Broken Arrow about 15 years ago in search of a Boston terrier puppy. We stopped at a modest house where it was obvious that the owner’s primary concern was getting cash for one of his puppies. He kept the momma dog in a small fenced area in his backyard, which is […]

Blagoveshchensk was quite an adventure 20 years ago


Twenty years ago, I traveled to Russia with three couples who were adopting babies. We spent a week in Blagoveshchensk (Blago) in the Russian Far East and then another week in Moscow. It was an amazing trip for a number of reasons. The newspaper I worked for paid for me to accompany the three couples, […]

For fake news, the New York Times is the big winner


And the winner is: The New York Times. The New York Times and Times’ columnist Paul Krugman in particular top the list of the “2017 Fake News Awards” as drawn up by President Donald J. Trump. It is quite a list. And trust me, it could be a lot longer. No president in history has […]

Here are some laws that I would like to see get passed


Here are some reasons why I would never get elected if I ran for public office. These ideas make too much sense to let them actually make into law. If I were a state legislator, I would propose a law that mandates that a school district can only pay administrators a percent of what they […]

Expect more and more politics during the 2018 cycle


Politics will again take center stage in 2018. On the national front, President Trump will continue to push his agenda in the face of irrational opposition from the Democrats and moderate Republicans. And every move Trump makes will be criticized by the liberal media (and reinforced by the local liberal newspaper, TV stations and some […]

Here’s a bunch of stuff I think might happen in 2018


Happy New Year! Here are some of the things I predict will happen in 2018. Oklahoma will get a new governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, insurance commissioner and state auditor. The Washington, D.C., Swamp will get a bit dryer because of President Donald Trump. Tulsa will get a new U.S. Congressman. Apple will update its newest […]

Black, red, white and gold pages in the Wordless Book


I think it was in 1960 when Mrs. White (I don’t recall her first name) sat down with me and explained the Wordless Book. That book had no text. It was simply a book with pages of different colors. The first page was black. Mrs. White said that darkness represented the result of sin. In […]

OU’s profilic offense faces Georgia’s tough defense Jan.1


Arguably the best offense will face the best defense in the nation January 1 in the Rose Bowl as No. 2 Oklahoma squares off against No. 3 Georgia in the semifinal of the College Football Playoff. Georgia, champions of the Southeastern Conference, will try to shut down OU’s offense with its stifling defense and slow […]

It is never too early to start playing Christmas music


One of my kids complained on Thanksgiving Day because I was playing Christmas music too early in the season. Actually, I started listening to Christmas music November 1. I love the Christmas season and I figure I am only going to be around for another 30 or so Christmases, so why not enjoy it for […]

Christmas has some really great and really awful movies


My good friend Brian Shoop was a guest on my radio show (Tulsa Beacon Weekend on KCFO AM970 at noon on Saturdays) on Thanksgiving weekend and we talked about Christmas movies. Brian is a professional actor, someone you would recognize if you saw him because of his work in commercials and movies. Here are some […]