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At age 16, Jim Holman shipped out to the War in Korea


A love for his country and admiration for his brother prompted 16-year-old Jim Holman to alter his birth certificate and join the Marine Corps two days before the start of the Korean War. Holman, the current president of All Veterans Association of Tulsa, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1950 on June 23, two […]

Yazel served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War


Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel wasn’t in Vietnam but he served in the U.S. Marine Corps in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. His military story began when he was a teenager in Wichita, Kansas. Every spring, he would go to his grandfather’s circus and work hard and return in October. He never went to […]

Perine tops 200 against Tech as winless Kansas is next


NORMAN – Oklahoma running back Samaje Perine could have a stellar game against Kansas on Saturday and still not come close to what he did to the Jayhawks in Norman last season. Last year, the super sophomore set the NCAA all-time FBS (Division 1) single game rushing record 427 yards and scored five touchdowns. His […]

Halloween fills the imagination of kids with rotten images


If my kids were little, they would not go trick-or-treating on Halloween. I know that makes me sound like a stick in the mud but I have good reasons. When my kids were little, we took them to shopping malls (including the Farm Shopping Center) where we had a reasonable expectation that the candy they […]

Should the age of a presidential candidate make a difference?


Ronald Reagan was 69 years old when he took office as president of the United States in 1981 and 77 when he left. Reagan was 56 when became governor of California in 1967 and he was 64 when he left that post in 1975. Reagan ran for president in 1976 against President Gerald Ford, who […]

NFL Internet gambling and Oklahoma casinos wreck lives


People used to watch NFL games because they liked football. Now, it seems people watch the NFL exclusively to gamble. You can’t turn on any pro football game now and not see a rash of commercials for Internet gambling sites. They show happy “football fans” who spend $35 and turn it into two million dollars. […]

Religious freedom is under assault


Religious liberty  and Christianity specifically is under assault in America and Oklahoma is not immune to growing restrictions on public displays of faith. Under the cover of darkness with the tacit approval of Gov. Mary Fallin, armed Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen stood guard as workers removed the Ten Commandments Monument from the grounds of the State […]

No. 10 OU needs a win over the struggling Longhorns


Trap game: A game in which a highly favored team with a lot to lose is subject to an upset over a team with multiple losses or a low reputation. No. 10 Oklahoma is heavily favored to crush the Texas Longhorns Saturday in Dallas in the Red River Rivalry game at the Cotton Bowl. The […]

Going to the Oklahoma-Texas game is quite the experience


I have been to the Oklahoma-Texas football game in Dallas numerous times but not in the last 14 years. When I was a college student at OU, I went every year. Student tickets were cheap and it was quite a spectacle. One year, former President Gerald Ford showed up as part of his election campaign. […]

A rainy spring and summer didn’t mean a great harvest


Despite a good rainy spring and summer, our backyard garden didn’t produce as well as we would have liked. The rain didn’t seem to help our tomatoes and cucumbers – the two crops we can always seem to count on. Hornworms invaded the tomatoes. Last year, we built a tomato cage out of PVC pipe […]