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Conservative, Bible-believing Christians endorse Cruz


You can tell a lot about a candidate by his endorsements. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has gained endorsements from some of the most genuine conservatives in Tulsa and Oklahoma. Chief among those is U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma. “Senator Ted Cruz has already spent a lot of time in Oklahoma and is making our state […]

The 2011 snowstorm is proof Tulsans need to be prepared


In February of 2011, Tulsa got 22.5 inches of snow. On February 1, 14 inches of snow fell in Tulsa. The airport was closed. School was canceled. Gov. Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency for all 77 Oklahoma counties. So many days were lost to snow that state officials let schools shorten the spring […]

A wonderful brother from a family spanning generations


Wars have an obvious impact on people. World wars had a great effect on families. My late mother, Rama Rogers Biggs, was married prior to World War II and she had two children, a son Ben Campbell, and a daughter, Peggy Flores. Her husband passed away and during the war, she met and married Harley […]

Good friends like Ken Staley of KCFO should be treasured


About 15 years ago, right after we started the Tulsa Beacon, Ken Staley came to my office for a visit. Ken said he was the station manager at KCFO, AM970 (Christian talk). He said he had heard about this new “Christian” newspaper and he wanted to meet me. I am really glad he did. We […]

Here are the candidates who want the vote in Oklahoma


In December, a host of candidates filed for the 2016 Presidential Preferential Primary with the Oklahoma State Election Board. It’s quite a list. Most names should be familiar right now but some are totally obscure. Here are the Democrats. Mrs. Hillary Clinton Mrs. Clinton is a former U.S. Senator from New York, former Secretary of […]

Trump in Tulsa: GOP hopeful gets a big crowd here


Donald Trump demonstrated his popularity in Tulsa January 20 at a rally with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin that drew thousands of supporters. Trump will test his popularity in Oklahoma on March 1 in the Republican presidential primary on Super Tuesday. Even though he was an hour late, his arrival at the ORU Mabee Center […]

Mrs. Clinton wants ‘wealth redistribution’ to buy votes


Mrs. Hillary Clinton wants income equality. She really doesn’t. If she did, she would take some of the tens of millions in the Clinton Family Foundation and spread that wealth around. What Mrs. Clinton really wants is votes. She thinks that poor people will vote for her if she tells them she will take money […]

Battling traffic, a bad hotel and a sea of orange in Miami


In a fit of madness, I decided to go to the Orange Bowl to cover the game between Oklahoma and Clemson. And I decided to drive. And take the family. And the dog. We drove 3,100 miles to Miami and back. Fortunately, Susan’s folks live in Orlando (1,200 miles from Tulsa and 250 miles from […]

Bob Stoops

0 for Three: OU, OSU and TU fall in bowl games


MIAMI, Fla. – It will take at least two more years for Bob Stoops to catch Bud Wilkinson and Barry Switzer. Stoops, who has the most wins in school history, has one national championship at Oklahoma while Wilkinson and Switzer both won three titles. Stoops’ teams have played for the national title four times and […]

Like Spike Jones, these are my New Year’s resolutions


This is my New Year’s resolution: When my mother-in-law begins to yell and shout Through the window I would like to throw her out. But I resolve not to do it, here is why: I’m afraid of hitting someone passing by. This is my New Year’s resolution.   When I’m at the movies watching a […]