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My lengthy shopping history with Sears is about to end


I believe it was in 1964 when the late Pastor Bob Kelso and his wife picked me up after school at Burbank Elementary School on a chilly fall afternoon. Our family belonged to Tulsa Bible Church, where Pastor Kelso preached. He and his wife had a heart for the children in our neighborhood at 5th […]

High tuition and few jobs make a lousy combination


When I went to Tulsa Junior College (now Tulsa Community College) in 1972-73, tuition was $6.25 an hour. I had a job at J.C. Penney making $2.50 an hour. So I had to work at least 150 hours to pay for my freshman year of college. As a sophomore, I transferred to Oklahoma University, where […]

Rollercoasters make emotions go up and down, up and down


I was never a big fan of rollercoasters when I was growing up. I did enjoy going on Zingo, the famous Tulsa rollercoaster that was on the Fairgrounds as part of Bell’s Amusement Park. Bell’s is no longer in business and it’s a shame that more and more people don’t remember that family amusement park. […]

Ageless Paul McCartney revisits the Beatles in OKC gig


OKLAHOMA CITY – Paul McCartney opened his concert here Monday night with a rousing performance of the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night. But the 75-year-old McCartney didn’t make it seem hard for him to captivate a nearly sold-out audience for almost three hours. And it wasn’t hard to enjoy this energy packed concert. McCartney, who […]

Summer is not that hot if you don’t sweat a whole bunch


I think the hottest I have ever been was in summer camp near Ruston, Louisiana, in the middle of summer. There used to be an organization called Bible Memory Association (BMA). BMA was great. Kids and adults got books filled with Bible verses that you were supposed to memorize. Every kid had an adult (usually […]

My Dad didn’t pass down his love for the game of golf


My father, the late Harley Biggs, Sr., was a great amateur golfer. He just loved to play golf and he managed to play just about every course in Tulsa and this part of the state. He was a natural athlete and won letters in baseball, basketball and football at Cherokee High School. Dad played minor […]

Swimming opportunities have changed over 50 years


When I grew up, I loved to go swimming. I learned to swim at the Olympic-sized outdoor pool at McClure Park (near 11th street and Memorial Drive). It was two blocks from the house where I grew up and it only cost a quarter to go swimming back in the 1960s. McClure Park has a […]

First Drillers’ game Downtown draws mixed reactions


I went to see a Drillers game downtown for the first time this month and overall, it was a good experience. Some men from my Sunday school class decided to buy tickets for a Friday night game and I went along. As a boy, I went to many baseball games at the old Oiler Park, […]

Lincoln Riley has big shoes to fill as Bob Stoops retires


When I read that Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops had purchased a $2.5 million home in Chicago earlier this year, I wondered if that was a prelude to an early retirement. I can’t say I predicted that because I didn’t relate those thoughts to anyone. But when OU gave Offensive Coordinator Lincoln Riley a huge […]

‘Facts’ can change when it comes to climate scientists


“Science changes all the time.” That’s a quote from secularist Bill Nye, the “science guy.” If that is true, and it is, why must the public blindly accept anything put forward by the scientific community? Remember when Obama said “the science is settled” on human-cause “climate change (global warming)? deftly points out that before […]