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Rudolph races past Tulsa; at South Alabama on Friday


STILLWATER  – Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph hit 20 of 24 passes for 303 yards, no interceptions and three touchdowns in the season opener against Tulsa. Rudolph cemented his reputation as one of the top quarterbacks in the nation in the 59-24 win over Tulsa in Stillwater last Thursday night. “I thought coming into it […]

Golden Hurricane host high-scoring Louisiana Saturday


Look for a lot of points to be scored Saturday. The Tulsa Golden Hurricane hosts Louisiana at 3 p.m. on Saturday. TU ran into a buzzsaw in Stillwater against Oklahoma State last week but still managed to score 24 points against a very athletic Cowboy defense and even though TU started an untested quarterback. TU […]

Labor Day family reunions were fun in Conway, Ark.


September 4 is Labor Day. When I was a boy and young man, sometimes we would go to Arkansas on Labor Day weekend for a family reunion. It wasn’t the Biggs Family but it might as well have been. It was actually the Williams Family. My Grandmother (my Dad’s Mother) was part of the Williams […]

Fall means one thing for sure in Oklahoma – football


Fall is my favorite time of year. The temperature gets cooler in the fall. Your wardrobe gets more interesting. The leaves on trees turn into spectacular colors. Fall signals the holiday season, beginning with Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then eventually Christmas and New Years. That’s five big holidays in four months. And, of course, […]

Football is tough to play but it is so much fun to watch


My Dad had two rules for my four brothers and me growing up – don’t ride motorcycles and don’t play organized football. Why? Because you can really get hurt with either activity. My Dad loved to watch football and he actually played varsity football at Cherokee High School in Cherokee, Oklahoma, back in the late […]

Sex-change for children is child abuse


It’s child abuse, pure and simple. America has slipped so far morally that politically correct parents – with the help of doctors – are ruining the lives of their young children by pretending to change their sex. Finally, a group of doctors from The American College of Pediatricians are calling this what it is – […]

Weddings have really changed over the last 35 years…


My, how things have changed. My lovely daughter Sarah is getting married Saturday to a wonderful young man named Josh Berg. He comes from a wonderful family and our family couldn’t be more happy. Susan and I were married 35 years ago and our oldest son Brian was married a few years back. We didn’t […]

My lengthy shopping history with Sears is about to end


I believe it was in 1964 when the late Pastor Bob Kelso and his wife picked me up after school at Burbank Elementary School on a chilly fall afternoon. Our family belonged to Tulsa Bible Church, where Pastor Kelso preached. He and his wife had a heart for the children in our neighborhood at 5th […]

High tuition and few jobs make a lousy combination


When I went to Tulsa Junior College (now Tulsa Community College) in 1972-73, tuition was $6.25 an hour. I had a job at J.C. Penney making $2.50 an hour. So I had to work at least 150 hours to pay for my freshman year of college. As a sophomore, I transferred to Oklahoma University, where […]

Rollercoasters make emotions go up and down, up and down


I was never a big fan of rollercoasters when I was growing up. I did enjoy going on Zingo, the famous Tulsa rollercoaster that was on the Fairgrounds as part of Bell’s Amusement Park. Bell’s is no longer in business and it’s a shame that more and more people don’t remember that family amusement park. […]