Dan Keating

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Dan Keating is co-chair of the Trump campaign in Oklahoma.

Who Is Profiting This Time?


Jay Cronley does not normally venture into political commentary, but on January 10 he did.  His column entitled, “Re-Vision Tax Plan Boggles the Mind” serves as an excellent example of why so many Americans and Tulsans are fed up with the system or how things get done. With $770 million on the line to be […]

Gross Overreach


Several years ago I was a member of Tulsa’s Utility Board and Metropolitan Water Authority.  It was at a time that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was really coming to life and Tulsa’s Public Works Department wanted to be sure our board members were current as to their plans. The EPA was holding a seminar […]

They Only Make it Worse


If you are still wondering how Donald Trump can appeal to so many people (especially minorities), you need to go no further than reading two articles that appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek. One is entitled “Hey, Pops, My Student Loans re Due” and the second was an editorial named, “Women Belong in the Military and the […]

Which One Is Right?


In early December, two op-ed pieces appeared on the same page of the Wall Street Journal.  The first article, written by Daniel Henninger, was entitled, “Law and Order Returns.”  The second was written by the Bush family operative Karl Rove entitled, “Trump is the Democrats’ Dream Nominee.” Mr. Henninger begins by saying that after December […]

Mr. Trump Is Right


The Sunday New York Times ran a front-page editorial about Donald Trump entitled, “95,000 Words Many of them ominous, from Trump’s Tongue.” What the two writers had done was analyze “every public utterance by Mr. Trump over the past week from rallies, speeches, interviews and news conference to explore the leading candidates hold on the […]

Why Be an American Ally?


As the debate begins on allowing 100,000 Syrian refugees into the country, we might do well to remember how we treated those who “bonded with us,”  fought and died for America’s interests. Today both the FBI director and Homeland Security secretary have volunteered that we do not have a vetting system that is reliable.  The […]

Seeing through the fog


There were two excellent articles appearing in the Sunday newspapers.  One was an article by Francis Wilkinson writing for Bloomberg View and the second by Kevin Carey written for the Sunday New York Times. In the Wilkinson’s column, the question posed was, “If the Tea Party is dying, why is Trump winning?” According to the […]

ISIS Plots as the President Taunts


You may recall November 13 when President Obama reported that ISIS was contained and then, within hours ISIS blew up seven Paris sites that killed and injured over 200 individuals. The president has again opened up his divisive rhetoric with those who oppose bringing thousands of Syrian refugees to America, many who could be ISIS […]

Only in America


Later this month the United Nations Climate Change conference will get underway in Paris.  President Obama certainly will be heralded as a great visionary with his cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.  Although two State Department studies concluded there was no negative environmental impact, the president alone killed the deal which would have employed 30,000 […]

Making Matters Worse


If you just arrived from Mars, you might want to know how things are going in Oklahoma.  On what fronts? During the good times, with the price of crude above $100 a barrel, things were great. Aerospace and aviation were also doing well and with agriculture prices up farmers and ranchers were buying new equipment.  […]