Dan Keating

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Dan Keating is co-chair of the Trump campaign in Oklahoma.

More Trouble Ahead


The Drudge Report carried an article entitled, “Gore:  Global Warming making People Dumber.”  Left-wing advocacy website Think Progress reported on a new study by the Harvard School of Public Health claims “Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has a direct and negative impact on human cognition and decision making.” Former Vice President Al Gore was quick to join […]

Education Needs Reform, Too


The Wall Street Journal recently carried an article by Christopher DeMuth entitled, “The Decline and Fall of Congress.” One point he makes that tells the difference in how the Democrats get their way and Republicans don’t is the statement, “Group cohesion comes naturally to the Democrats, whose party has been a coalition of government-dependent interest […]

Inside Out


The week began with more pessimistic news concerning America’s labor participation rate.  Don’t get caught in believing the economy is improving because it’s not.  Just 62.4 percent of civilian Americans 16 and older were working or looking for work.  This has caused the jobless rate to drop to 5.1 percent. But, who would not count […]

Here to Stay Because We Need Him


The New York Times reported that Donald Trump sees a major collapse in the Republican campaign and a depression for the television industry should he prematurely exit the presidential race. According to Mr. Trump, a presidential campaign without him would be so “boring” that no one would watch.  He also said, “I have made Fox […]

A New Dawn in America


Maybe the visit of Pope Francis brought good luck to America.  While he was in Philadelphia, House Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation from Congress at the end of October. As the New York Times reported, a sense of dread and deep uncertainty had descended over the Capitol.  The president, who had done such an […]

Upside Down


The Sunday Tulsa World ran an article entitle “Salary Struggles.”  The purpose was to promote the fact that Oklahoma pays its teachers less than surrounding states. In reality, if you believe the World’s numbers, Oklahoma is maybe 10 percent less, which can be made up.  We really don’t know what numbers were used. Were benefits […]

Gambling with National Security


You may recall that in the 1990s, President Bill Clinton went on television to assure Americans that North Korea would never possess a nuclear weapon.  After all, American inspectors would find any attempt to get around the signed agreement. Twenty years later, President Obama is making the same assurances – with the exception that even […]

Beaten Again


If you ever wondered why Donald Trump is doing so well, please read the lead Wall Street Journal article by Carol Lee and Siobhan Hughes entitled, “Obama’s Path to Victory on Iran.”  Basically it tells the story about how the administration put the pants on the GOP leadership again. After reaching an agreement with Iran […]

Anemic Demand


The Commerce Department revised its second quarter numbers saying that the economy expanded at a 3.7 percent rate.  That news prompted Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fisher to say that interest rates might be raised this month. Unfortunately, this is only wishful thinking because the numbers are just not there. Even Bill Gross, the bond […]

Girls and Gays to the Rescue


The Russians, North Koreans, Iranians, Chinese, ISIS and other rogue countries must have taken note  – don’t push President Obama over the line. If you do, he might send his new military against you. His military may be driving obsolete equipment.  Its ranks might be depleted after 13 years of war and have most of […]