Dan Keating

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Dan Keating is co-chair of the Trump campaign in Oklahoma.

Abortion Has Ruined the Country


It was bound to come up sooner or later.  In Bloomberg Businessweek’s Open Remarks, columnist Charles Kenny wrote, “Immigrants to the Rescue.” You see Donald Trump is all wrong about what immigrants can do for Americans.  They don’t bring crime and drugs, they stabilize the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 3,185,924 […]

Do Black Lives Matter?


Ross Douthat wrote an excellent article for the Sunday edition of the New York Times entitled, “Looking away from Abortion.” It begins with an essay by Dr. Richard Selzer describing a “strange suburban” scene.  After the garbage trucks have passed through the neighborhood, people find a “softness underfoot.”  It looks like baby birds or rubber […]

More on Education


Yahoo Finance reported that American families spent 16 percent more on college this year.  This comes from information from Sallie Mae’s annual report, “How Americans Pay for College.” Families “shelled out” an average of $24,164 to cover college cost during the 2014-2015 school year, compared to $20,882 the year prior. The conclusion drawn by Yahoo […]

An Alternative to Clinton


Last week, I wrote about the October 23, 1983 ,bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. This tragedy and the loss of 241 Marines and sailors was the direct result of Iranian efforts with assistance by Syria and Hezbollah. Today, President Obama is placing his trust in the same thugs who committed this “despicable” act.  […]

32 Years After Beirut


As the Obama administration hails its nuclear agreement with Iran, within the Arab world the deal has been met with wariness and concern. The president says, “This deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction.”  But Sunni hardliners were convinced the deal “signals U.S. acquiescence to the spread of Iranian power.” Egypt’s foreign […]

A Social Stability Problem


A well-known Tulsa CEO told an “inside baseball” story about his company.  It would seem that persons unknown on a daily basis tried to hack into the company’s computer and accounts. It got so bad that the FBI made a call.  What they did was show from where in China the hacks were originating.  It […]

Delusional Disorder


You may have read or heard that in June, your fellow citizens left the labor force “in droves.”   It must have been summer vacation, a little time off to study climate change or “I made enough money for the rest of the year?” It has to be one of those reasons because everything is great […]

Happy Times Are a Long Way Off


The New York Times writes, “A cascade of events suggests that 2015 could be remembered as a liberal spring: The moment when deeply divisive and consuming questions of race, sexuality and broadened access to health care were settled in quick succession, and social tolerance was cemented as a cornerstone of American public life.” It was […]

A Useful Debate


Like all Tulsans I regret what happened on April 2, especially to the families involved.  Although the shooting was an accident, an accident that cannot be dismissed and will play out over coming weeks. On the other hand it brings to light facts that most of us – even those politically involved – never knew.  […]

Voting With Your Feet


On June 2, William McGurn wrote an excellent article for the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Best Poverty Cure:  Escape from Baltimore.” The common sense of his article is that for those trapped in poverty the best option is to find another city “to call home.” The same point can be made for anyone looking for […]