Dan Keating

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Dan Keating is co-chair of the Trump campaign in Oklahoma.

Poor Reporting Goes On


The May 22 cover of the New Yorker magazine has a humorous depiction of what happened on the United flight from Chicago to Cincinnati. However, in this case it shows Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as a policeman, dragging James Comey off the plane.  Standing to the rear is the plane’s pilot, Donald Trump.  The New […]

Stay the Course, Mr. President


Recently, William Galston wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Trump’s Tanking Approval Numbers,” in which he points out the president is not only in trouble within the beltway, but with supporters who question his fitness for office. The “never Trumpers” and Democrats have done an excellent job in raising doubts in peoples’ […]

Who Is Kidding Whom?


You may have seen that Tulsa City councilors are considering a proposed moratorium on grocery stores in Tulsa’s food deserts or better known as North Tulsa. As the councilors see it and as reported in the newspaper, “The problem is that full-service grocery stores may be getting stifled out of the market in food deserts […]

One Man’s Epiphany


Francis Wilkinson wrote an excellent article for Bloomberg View entitled, “Disarray is Preface to Power for Democrats,” which ties in nicely to an email I received covering an article by Frank Schaeffer of the Washington Post. Mr. Wilkinson’s story begins with – “The Democrats are in disarray” – the first line in a Hendrik Hertzberg […]

‘See the Eagle?


When my wife’s brothers were caught in a “white lie” or other mixups by their parents, many times they would resort to looking out the window, saying “See the eagle.”  They hoped their parents would leap to the window to see the giant bird. It might have worked once, but not twice. Today, Oklahomans are […]

Pull Your Oar or Get Out of the Boat


The other day Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett paid a visit to Tulsa to speak about his life and concerns for the state.  Oklahoma City, unlike Oklahoma, has had a succession of great mayors who joined with the private sector to rebuild their city.  Most people point to the bombing as the turnaround point for […]

Bring Back Discipline


Tulsa Public School recently surveyed current staff to find out why they were leaving.  You might think that the top reason would be a money issue.  If you thought that was the main reason, you would be wrong.  The top response from 56 percent of the staff was to cut down on routines and meetings.  […]

Sharing the Burden


Banks have for some time been required to disclose all terms and costs associated with loans.  Most people take this for granted when dealing with their bank.  Why isn’t this same policy required in education?  After all individuals many times are mortgaging their futures when borrowing tens of thousands of dollars for a degree that […]

Financial Literacy


The Personal Financial Section of the Wall Street Journal recently asked the question, “Should college students be required to take a personal finance course?” I personally think they should at least in high school.  With so many of today’s parents not feeding or clothing their children, it is left up to others.  One excellent program […]

Innovations in Education


USA Today recently ran an article by Greg Toppo entitled, “Few charter school grads earn degrees.”  That is not a surprising front page story by USA Today since they oppose any change to the status quo especially in education.  Well, with that said, let’s see if the story matches the headlines? The story is about […]