Dan Keating

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Dan Keating is co-chair of the Trump campaign in Oklahoma.

The Excitement Is Just Beginning


Rachir Sharma wrote an article for the Sunday New York Times entitled, “Why Trump can’t make it 1981 again.” Mr. Sharma almost makes the opposite case when he says if Donald J. Trump’s victory wasn’t surprising enough, the economic reaction has been even more stunning. The stock market, which was expected to fall through the […]

News or Fake News?


It was again reported that state revenues missed the mark. Revenues in December were down 12 percent. It was the ninth time in 2016 that general revenue receipts “fell short of the target.” When added all together, Oklahoma faces a $900 million budget hole which will trigger automatic spending cuts. Individual income tax receipts and […]

Change Can’t Come Fast Enough


Although the U.S. economy continues to limp along, consumer confidence has hit its highest level since 2001. This index reflects newfound optimism after election of Donald Trump. Regardless of factory orders tumbling 2.4 percent in November when economists thought it would rise by 2.3 percent, consumer confidence index jumped to 113.7 from a revised 109.4 […]

Three Years of Decline


According to the Wall Street Journal, Illinois which forever stated it was the “Land of Lincoln,” is today the Land of Leaving. It seems that the home of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton is not so friendly to the average citizen. Come on, there have to be places in the world where 700-plus murders per […]

Bully for Betsy DeVos


On December 10th, Ingrid Jacques, the deputy editorial page editor for the Detroit News wrote a column for the Wall Street Journal.  Ms. Jacques had nothing but praise for Betsy Devos, President – Elect Trump’s pick for secretary of education. The article begins by saying as it often goes what is bad for the teachers […]

Education’s Bright New Future


Now we are getting somewhere.  When Randi Weingarten, president of the 1.6 million member American Federation of Teachers, says about the President-elect’s pick as Secretary of Education, “Trump has chosen the most idealogical, anti-public ed nominee since the creation of the Department of Education,” you have to know that Betsy Devos must be a unique […]

Demand Reforms First


On November 23, the Tulsa World ran a point/counterpoint article concerning fixing education in Oklahoma. Amber England, executive director of Stand for Children Oklahoma, started off with “And while SQ779 might have come up short at the ballot box, it began an important conversation about education funding and where we go from here.” I hate […]

If You Want to Win, Don’t Run a Crook


The story is told that after the fall of the Soviet Union, many of America’s progressives and liberals were distraught.  They had always admired communism and envisioned themselves in high Soviet positions if they had been in that system.  They never saw or would admit that the system never worked.  They never saw the famines, […]

Change in Education Must Come


Voters on Tuesday, November 8, made the correct choice when they defeated State Question 779.  It wasn’t even close.  Only eight counties approved the ballot initiative led by University of Oklahoma President David Boren. As quoted in the Tulsa World, Claremore City Manager Jim Thomas said, “Putting another tax burden on, in this economy, is […]

Staff Sergeant Reckless


The New Yorker magazine in its October 31st edition wrote, “On November 8, barring some astonishment, the people of the United States will, after two hundred and forty years, send a woman to the White House.” Really?  Well, on Friday, October 28, they got their “astonishment” with the FBI reopening its Hillary Clinton email scandal.  […]