Duane Collins

Bixby, OK

Letter to the editor: More freedom in the pulpit


President-elect Donald Trump has promised to rescind the Johnson Amendment in order to give church pastors more freedom to speak from the pulpit. The Johnson Amendment refers to a change in the U.S. tax code made in 1954, initiated by former President and Senator Lyndon Johnson, D-Texas, which prohibits certain tax-exempt organizations from endorsing and […]

Letter to the editor: Jimmy Carter vs. Nation of Israel


Former President Jimmy Carter is encouraging President Obama to “grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine” before Obama leaves office on January 20, 2016. Israel adamantly opposes such a move – and so should every person who believes God’s Word is true.  The land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem must not […]

Letter to the editor: Stop abortion to save the United States


Stopping abortion is the most important thing we must do to save this nation.  God gave us this great election victory because we made a promise to answer the cry of those innocent, defenseless children (59.6 million) who have been murdered in their mother’s womb.  God heard that promise and is giving us an opportunity to stop this barbaric, demonic […]

Letter to the editor: Make America Great


The Lord has spoken:  “Make America great again.” And God has given us a builder, Donald Trump, to rebuild this nation.  But it will require all of us to return to the Lord and work together to take back what the devil has tried to destroy.  We must all roll up our sleeves and go […]

Letter to the editor: Obama wants a one-world government


EndTime Ministries reports that President Obama was promoting the idea of a one-world government in his speech to the United Nations this month.  Here are some excerpts from Obama’s speech: “I believe America has been a rare superpower in human history insofar as it has been willing to think beyond narrow self-interest; that while we’ve […]

Letter to the editor: Tim Kaine predicts pro-abortion stance


The Democrat Party’s pick for vice president, Tim Kaine, says he believes the Roman Catholic Church may change its opposition to gay marriage.  He is a devout Roman Catholic, and he told the attendees at a Human Rights Campaign national dinner Saturday in Washington that he had changed his mind about gay marriage and that […]

Letter to the editor: Gun rights and the U.S. Constitution


At first pass, it seems reasonable to deny gun ownership to any person who is listed on the government’s “Terror Watch List” or “No-Fly List.” But, you begin to wonder: “Who decides what names should go on these lists?  And, upon what evidence is this decision made?  And who corroborates this evidence.” We must not […]

Letter to the editor: Feds defying common sense


U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters recently, “The Justice Department has ruled that North Carolina’s state law requiring ‘all people’ to use the restroom that corresponds with their sex at birth violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX.”  As a result, the Department of Justice is filing a federal civil rights lawsuit […]

Letter to the editor: Detroit and public education problems


All but three of Detroit’s ninety-seven public schools were closed again last month because 1,500 teachers called in sick.  The teachers are protesting the fact that Detroit may only have enough money to pay them through June 30.  Most teachers elect to receive their paychecks year-round, even though they only work nine months. The teacher’s […]

Letter to the editor: People are speaking but who listens?


The people are speaking . . . but I am not sure all of you are listening. We are tired of the corruption, collusion, fraud and waste of taxpayer funds in federal, state, county and city governments. It seems that even people with good intentions, once they get elected, tend to take the path of […]